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02 Mar

Easy Garden and Lawn Tips & Products for Green Grass and Lush Gardens

Geoponics is getting ready for spring. These past several weeks, through February and now leading into March, Geoponics is working with community gardeners, sports field operators, golf course superintendents and sod farmers for a successful spring. Here are some of the products we are sharing, along with how they can help your plants grow healthfully whether at home or in a commercial setting.

Nutrition and Fertilizers: Organic Growers

Adding Lasting Soil Nutrition Is One of Many Easy Garden and Lawn Tips We Offer

Gardeners, including those with large plots to those with small pots, are looking to improve soil quality for the best garden yields. We offer OMRI listed products for organic growing, including the cold pressed whole fish fertilizer of FertaFlow and soil amendments that remediate conditions and improve nutritional uptake, such as with OMRI listed SoilPlex, a product rich in humic and fulvic acids.

These easy to use products are amazing for increasing garden yields in sustainable ways. The plants are healthier, nourishing the consumers and creating sustainable soil health without a risk to nearby waterways. In fact, the increased organic matter in soil helps decrease water demands.

Water and Oxygen in Soil: Surfactants for Spring

For even more sustainability in resources, Geoponics soil surfactants are a great way to get ready for spring, ensuring soil has the balance of water flow and water retention it needs. These soil surfactants, as well as Agriox, also assist with soil oxygen. Keeping water moving through soil using surfactants, keeps soil oxygenated, and thus full of necessary lively microorganisms.

If soil is even more drastically depleted of oxygen with relatively severe anaerobic conditions, Agriox provides time-released oxygen.

Meanwhile, the colorants division of Geoponics has been demonstrating how Endurant Landscape Cosmetics can be used for early, lasting springtime greenup on turfgrass. These colorants are helpful on sod farms, sports fields, golf courses and home lawns. Even mulch can get a sprucing with colorant, saving trees and labor.

Here we share with you some highlights out in the field talking about organic fertilizer, soil remediation, soil surfactants and colorants that are particularly helpful in spring.

Great for Spring: Geoponics Products in More Detail


Organic Fish Fertilizer (not just an emulsion)

FertaFlow is not your ordinary fish fertilizer. This cold pressed, whole fish, OMRI-listed fertilizer for organic growing gives plants the most nourishment possible from a fish fertilizer. Unlike the fish emulsions that are common, FertaFlow is not leftover parts of fish after everything else salable has been extracted. Instead, it is the whole fish and cold pressed. Thus, it retains the enzymes, proteins and nutrients making soil rich for plant nutrient uptake. It is also mixed with mint, to make it less attractive to animals and yet more pleasant for humans. Most of all, it is a great way to add nutrients to soil with fewer negative environmental effects from runoff, especially when combined with organics (including SoilPlex) to improve soil structure thus preventing runoff, particularly in sandy soils.


Rich in Humus (not hummus)

Arguably one the best products in the Geoponics line, SoilPlex is the ultimate soil amendment rich in humic and fulvic acids. It checks the boxes for what gardeners and growers want most to increase the health of their plants while minimizing runoff and waste. SoilPlex optimizes water and nutrient uptake.

SoilPlex improves soil quality, texture, water-holding capacity and sustainability, while aggregating soil and reducing sodium build up. It helps to lock up toxins in soil while making the nutrients readily absorbable as a natural chelator.

Easy Garden and Lawn Tips: Add Color

Turfgrass Colorants Ideal for Spring Transition and Early Green Up

Perhaps the easiest way to get a green lawn is to add color. Geoponics has an entire line of diverse landscape colorants. Among the turfgrass colorants are turf pigments Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE) and Endurant Flex (FX). These two colorants are ideal for spring use on golf courses. Endurant Flex is particularly great and economical for use on sports fields.

The Endurant paints are more common for home use, particularly Endurant Premium and Endurant Perennial Rye. When grass is dormant or mostly brown, choose a paint instead, such as Endurant Perennial Rye or Endurant Premium. Endurant Perennial Rye has a generally a warm tone (great for warm season grasses) and Premium has a cooler tone of green (optimal for cool season grasses and bermudagrasses). Even if you are looking to add just a hint more green, be careful not to over-dilute these colorants because the binder is needed to ensure it adheres to the grass.

Environmentally, there can be benefits to greening the grass through a lasting application versus adding more nutrients and runoff. Endurant Turf Colorants have long been used in professional golf, football and baseball. In recent years, home lawn use is becoming popular to reduce water demands and increase curb appeal quickly.

If you just have a couple spots on the lawn, perhaps from a pet or a fungus. You may enjoy seeing immediate results with a quick spot treatment of lasting colorant with Green Again Pro, which comes in warm season or cool season.

Easy Garden and Lawn Tips: It’s All About Water

Healthy Plants and Grass Need a Balance of Water Retention and Flow

Soil Surfactants and wetting agents will help balance water in soil. Choose the best one below.

Geoponics offers five soil surfactants with the primary purpose of helping manage water in soil for healthy plants and grass. Here we focus on four of them to cover the most common needs for spring growing and greening. (We left out Profasorb, a common product for the professional with fertigation systems.)

Humawet: Helps Sandy Soil

Humawet has some of the humus that makes SoilPlex (described above) so popular. Meanwhile, Humawet helps to retain water and provide other soil benefits. It assists with loss of water due to winds, water run off and drought. Humawet builds organic matter in sandy soil and other soils with low organic matter, such as new golf greens. It includes humic acids to increase plant nutrient uptake and mitigate soil toxicity.

Penterra: Frost Damage Prevention and Water Penetration

Penterra is the fastest acting soil penetrant to get water moving through the soil quickly. Also, for those late season spring frosts, Penterra is great for preventing damage by adding an application just before a forecasted frosts. Frost can come quite late in some growing zones. Be prepared by having Penterra on hand. When watering Penterra into the ground, you receive the extra benefits of moving water and some aeration without disturbing the soil surface. Because of its properties to help water penetrate soil, it is great for when water is just sitting on top and it needs to get moving through the soil, thus also increasing oxygen for healthy aerobic conditions and lively microorganisms.

Duration: The Most Economical and Versatile Soil Surfactant

Duration is an excellent choice for most homeowners, for lawn care and garden care. It will get water deep into the soil and assist with water retention. Duration will create a healthier soil environment and thus improve plant health. It assists with water and nutrient uptake for the plant. Duration helps balance oxygen in soil as well. It can be great in potted plants, small garden plots and the lawn.

HydaHawk: Soil Surfactant Derived of Fruits and Vegetables

HydraHawk is used to help penetrate compacted or arid soils and aids plant life in the uptake of water and nutrients. It can be great in any growing zone and especially the hot, arid or high salt areas. HydraHawk contains unique surfactants that help plants utilize water and survive in extreme heat, drought and soil salinity conditions. HydraHawk is a performance-enhancing wetting agent derived from fruit and vegetable extracts.

Take a Deep Breath This Spring

Adding Oxygen Can Be One of the Most Important and Easy Garden and Lawn Tips

Adding oxygen is an easy garden and lawn tip for the optimal health of soil and plants long term. Using Agriox is an optimal way to avoid anaerobic soil conditions this spring and summer. It is time released oxygen that can prevent the need for mechanical aeration when that is not possible or easy. Due to the oxygen in Agriox, it does need to ship specially, so contact us directly for setting up shipping. Call 1-877-ECO-GROW to order.

Stay tuned here for more garden blogs, including a series from community gardeners coming soon!