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Turf Paints

P+ Endurant Premium

Endurant Premium (P+) is an ultra-concentrated paint that provides a rich, natural and deep green. It is not as dark as Endurant Fairway (FW), or as light as Perennial Rye (PR). All the colorants may be used on any species of grass depending upon the shade of green desired. Premium is often the top choice for bentgrass, fescue (or use FW), bluegrass (or FW), bermuda (or FW) and centipede (or PR). Premium is often used on rye grass, but all the colorants may be used on rye grass depending upon the region and other factors affecting this species’ range of colors and thus the colorant that may best coordinate. P+ is often used on dormant turf but may also be used to enhance color any time.

PR Endurant Perennial Rye

Endurant Perennial Rye (PR) is an ultra-concentrated paint that provides a look reminiscent of the golf courses of Augusta, GA. It is a natural, subtle tone that provides excellent coverage. Endurant PR, like the other colors, can be used on any species of grass, depending on the desired result. However, common usages of PR include on St. augustine, zoysia (or P+), centipede (or P+), and ryegrass. Endurant PR is often used during winter dormancy on fully brown turf but can be added to enhance color all year long.

FW Endurant Fairway

Endurant Fairway (FW) is the most vibrant and darkest in the Endurant line, providing what many have called a “see it from the moon” effect. This ultra-concentrated paint is popular on golf fairways. It can be used on any species of grass, but popular choices include fescue (or use P+), bluegrass (or P+), and rye grass. FW is often a winter choice with its coverage of dormant fully brown turf but can be used, often at lower application rates, for preferred color tone any time of year.

TC Endurant Turf Colorant

Endurant Turf Colorant TC is the original colorant in the Endurant line. It can be the least expensive if the highest concentrations are not desirable. TC is a versatile shade of green that can be used on any species of grass, depending on the desired results. TC is used all year long.

Specialty Products

Endurant HazMark provides a distinct visual boundary that lasts. This bright colorant is used for marking hazards on golf courses or wherever you may need a strong visual line on a landscape. HazMark is available in red, yellow and white. Made with organic pigments, HazMark is applied without the use of multiple cans and aerosol sprays, making HazMark the distinctively economical and environmentally conscientious choice. HazMark can last up to three months without need for frequent application.

Spray n Stay is often used by sports field managers to keep colorant off uniforms. It is also used where there is high friction on the surface of the grass to avoid color rub-off or transfer.

Endurant Great White Line Paint is formulated for staying power on sports fields. The newest and best white athletic field paint, Endurant Great White marking paint, is a winner in its field.

Endurant is happy to take a bite out of the high demand for marking paint by offering Great White field marking paint.


TE Endurant Turf Enhancer

Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE) is the only colorant in the line that is a full pigment. TE is made specifically for use on actively growing grass. It is exclusively used on grass that is still green with chlorophyll. The bright lime green of TE gives the grass extra wow factor, enhancing the existing chlorophyll and color. When used to warm turf grounds in late winter to early spring, TE assists with early springtime green by increasing temperatures slightly. Again, only use TE when grass has existing chlorophyl or color. TE is not intended for fully dormant brown turfgrass. TE is great for all plant and grass species for use in spring, summer, fall and even winter if the color and chlorophyll exist. TE mixes well with other products and is often used as an indicator dye with added benefits.

FX Endurant Flex

Endurant Flex (Endurant FX) is often used during the season where turfgrass is transitioning from actively growing grass to dormant turf or out of winter dormancy and into springtime growth. Endurant Flex offers the ideal benefits for these and other conditions. Endurant Flex is used in places that may or may not go dormant each year.

Flex offers the benefits of pigments, such as offered by Endurant TE for actively growing grass, but with a darker, deeper tone of green than the popular TE. Endurant Flex turf pigment is highly economical and effective for the transition times and zones. Flex Your Turf means to show it off! Make it look its best all year long. (When using Flex on sports fields, it's common to add Endurant Spray n Stay for extra staying power in high contact, high friction sports, such as football.)

For Homeowners & Ready to Use

Green Again Pro: Warm & Cool Season

If a good dog is making for a bad lawn, Green Again Pro can help. Apply this ready-to-use grass paint on pet urine spots or other discolored areas for instant color repair. Pet safe and lawn perfect, Green Again Pro transforms yellow or brown grass so your lawn looks good and green again in seconds. Green Again Pro is an earth-friendly colorant, powered by the brand preferred by turf professionals, Endurant.

Endurant Home Lawn Blend

Endurant Home Lawn Blend is a super concentrated lawn colorant with a natural appeal suitable for a wide range of grass varieties. Endurant Home Lawn Blend comes in an 8 oz bottle for easy and simple application. Endurant Home Lawn colorant can be used on dormant turf grass that is brown due to the season but is still alive. Endurant lawn colorant can also be used on actively growing grass, brown grass, drought-stricken grass, pet urine stains, patchy brown lawns, dry grass or anywhere optimal natural green grass color is desired.