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Duster Down is used for dust control, dust suppression, dust palliative treatment, road stabilization and many other dust binding applications. Duster Down eliminates most dust by encapsulating the particles which cling to each other. It is biodegradable and safe for its users. Duster Down is non-reactive to stone, concrete or organic particles. It will not interfere with asphalt or concrete mixes. Requires no special applicator. Safe on equipment. Works in all temperatures.


MulchCrete is a nontoxic, water-based adhesive that bonds and stabilizes ground cover while allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate to the plants. This environmentally safe product is intended for mulch, bark, pine straw, rocks, gravel, sand and dirt. MulchCrete is also extremely effective when used for dust control.

SoilGlue is a polymer-based emulsion used for soil stabilization and dust control. Soil Glue can be used for areas such as golf course bunkers. It bonds soil particles together when applied to the surface of the soil. Additional product can be used to go deeper. It forms a protective, flexible film that eliminates dust, prevents mud and controls erosion. It can be used in applications small or large and is environmentally safe.