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Duster Down is used for dust control, dust suppression, dust palliative treatment, road stabilization and many other dust binding applications. Duster Down eliminates most dust by encapsulating the particles which cling to each other. It is biodegradable and safe for its users. Duster Down is non-reactive to stone, concrete or organic particles. It will not interfere with asphalt or concrete mixes. In conclusion, Duster Down requires no special applicator, is safe on equipment and works well in all temperatures.

The Duster Down functions by adsorbing on the substrate and the binding effect results from intermolecular forces between the binding molecules and the substrate. This forms an inactive film binding system. The size of the binding molecule is believed to be of importance for the formation of the cohesive bond and thought to have a direct effect on the strength of cohesion. Duster Down is unique as it has several different polar groups and aromatic systems. This increases the affinity of the molecule which results in improved adhesion, and makes it suitable for a wide range of substrates.

The binding property of Duster Down is utilized in many types of dust control and dust prevention, such as:

  • Dust suppression in roads, parking lots, racing tracks, quarries, paddocks and construction sites.
  • Sand dune and earth stabilization on areas to be kept free from dust and wind erosion.
  • Dust-palliative or dust prevention treatment of public and private roads.
  • Stabilization of secondary roads and areas.
  • Dust binding and stabilization of Rally Tracks.