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Humic Acid

SoilPlex is the best organic humic product available today that contains the highest concentrations of both humic and fulvic acids for healthy soils and plants. SoilPlex not only benefits the plant now, but also improves soil over time to create sustainability. It is made from naturally occurring humus that is rich in humified organic matter containing the purest humic and fulvic acids.

Plant Growth

Carbotein is an economical soil conditioner with superior plant growth promoting properties. Carbotein is a mixture of organic vegetable extracts that can be used alone or added to other sources of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It increases growth, blooms, flowers, fruits and vegetable yields. This makes it excellent for turf, gardens, farms and agricultural use.


FertaFlow is made from fresh fish carefully processed at low temperatures to maintain the integrity of naturally occurring amino acids, vitamins, hormones, proteins and enzymes. FertaFlow is an OMRI listed organic fertilizer for organic growing. 

Grizzly Foliars

Grizzly Foliar Nutrients provide the professional turf and landscape manager, as well as home users, with convenient tools for developing and maintaining exceptionally high quality turfgrass & botanicals. All Grizzly products are biodegradable and may be combined with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium while remaining in solution.

Grizzly Terrain (15-1-2 +4 Fe)

Grizzly Terrain (15-1-2 +4 Fe) is specially formulated to be the backbone product in your turf program. Because of its complete analysis, applications produce lustrous color, balanced growth and sustained turf health. This botanical nutrient powerhouse combines vegetative amino acids, organic acids and complex carbohydrates that stabilize the nutrient compounds and minimize rapid growth while providing an explosive visual response.

Grizzly Charge

Grizzly Charge is liquid nutrition formulated to be foliar applied and absorbed. Charge is designed to provide essential nutrients in the most efficient fashion, ensuring it is immediately available to the plant. Grizzly Charge’s minors will help to correct existing nutrient deficiencies and provide the visual boost of a quick green up without growth.

Grizzly Iron

Grizzly Iron is liquid nutrition formulated to be foliar applied and absorbed. Grizzly Iron will help to correct existing iron deficiencies and provide the visual boost of a quick, deep greening color enhancement. Grizzly Iron is designed to provide this essential nutrient in the most efficient fashion, ensuring it is immediately available to the plant.

Grizzly Kodiak (0-0-25)

Grizzly Kodiak is an easy-to-apply, clear liquid source of potassium. This nutrient is essential for root growth, the formation of protein, photosynthesis and other plant functions. It also promotes efficient water use. Grizzly Kodiak provides this vital macronutrient to improve turf hardiness and vigor, increase wear tolerance, and reduce recovery time and disease susceptibility. Required levels for this primary plant nutrient increase significantly during growing periods and fruit production.

Grizzly Launch

Grizzly Launch is a complete starter fertilizer designed to give maximum availability of phosphorus during the early stages of plant growth. Grizzly Launch stimulates rapid root and shoot development. It is well suited for both dormancy preparation and transitional periods. As a liquid, it is especially helpful in sandy soils prone to leaching.

Grizzly NitroN30

Grizzly NitroN30TM (30-0-0) is a liquid nutritional containing patented fertilizer solution Triazone®️. It provides a slow-release of nitrogen, resulting in better absorption and utilization by the plant. This further provides for more uniform color and growth. Unlike straight urea-based fertility products, which cause a spike in growth followed by a quick decline, this formulation provides a longer, more even feed after the immediate initial burst.