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Soil Surfactants and Soil Penetrants from Geoponics can address all your moisture management needs in soils. Geoponics offers the best soil wetting agents on the market today. They provide benefits to soil that are immediate and long lasting, leading to improved soil health longterm.
Green industry professionals, such as golf course superintendents, landscapers, lawn maintenance crews and gardeners are always looking for better ways to utilize water in challenged soil structures and profiles. They know what’s needed to grow healthier plants, whether those plants are turf, ornamentals, vegetables, fruits or shrubs.  
Soil surfactants assist with better use of water in soil and plants. This optimization of water usage can lead to significant savings. Plus, using less water is good for the environment. Water is not an expendable resource, hence Geoponics’ surfactants help water by penetrating clay soils, increasing moisture in dry soils, draining waterlogged soil, and increasing soil oxygen in hydric soils.
Geoponics’ soil surfactants provide many more solutions to various soil and water challenges, such as including humic acid to increase nutrient uptake and chelate toxins from soils. Geoponics has a product that fits your situation. 
Take a look through our various surfactants, wetting agents and penetrants or contact us right now, so we can together address your challenges.

Soil Penetrants for Moving Water through Soil

Simply the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market, Penterra is designed to decrease tension between water, soil and plant while improving the growth and activity of micro-organisms. It helps create a healthy soil environment and moves water through waterlogged soil profiles, loosens up hard clay soils, reduces black layer, aggregates soil, and allows water and oxygen to better reach plant roots.

HydraHawk is used to help penetrate compacted or arid soils and aids plant life in the uptake of water and nutrients. HydraHawk contains unique surfactants that help plants utilize water and survive in extreme heat, drought and soil salinity conditions. HydraHawk is a performance-enhancing wetting agent derived from fruit and vegetable extracts.

Wetting Agents for Retaining Water

Humawet is a surfactant and high-grade soil penetrant and humate that helps with water retention in soil profiles. It assists with loss of water due to winds, water run off and drought. It builds organic matter in sandy soil. Humawet retains water in the plant root zone, while reducing the surface tension between the water and the soil. Humawet is a great product for soil with low organic matter, such as new golf greens. It includes humic acids to increase plant nutrient uptake and mitigate soil toxicity.

Profasorb is an economical soil surfactant designed for fertigation and irrigation injection applications. It helps reduce crusting, loosens clay soils, aggregates sandy soil, and allows water and oxygen to better reach plant roots by reducing the surface tension between the water and the soil. Profasorb can be injected with various fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Duration is a valuable tool for gardeners, landscapers and turf managers. This wetting agent and soil surfactant decreases surface tension between water, soil and plant. Breaking the surface tension with Duration helps to get water and oxygen in the root zone while maximizing nutrient uptake by the plant.