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Soil Oxygen

Agriox is a revolutionary, time-released, aerobic aeration product for soils. Agriox assists in maintaining healthy soil moisture and providing critical life sustaining oxygen to microorganisms. Agriox's slow release of oxygen promotes overall soil health by providing an aerobic ecology sustainably and in an environmentally proactive way. The increase in soil oxygen allows for reduction of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides due to increased plant sustainability. Agriox releases oxygen only when it's most needed, reacting to the needs of the soil.

Soil Salinity

Detox helps soil recover. Due to over fertilization with sodium based products and the increased stress on our fresh water supply, many soils have reached toxic levels to plants and crops. Detox is a blend of organic acids and organic amines designed to physically and biochemically reduce accumulated salts from the soil profile. This biodegradable mixture precipitates sodium, which in turn improves water infiltration. Overall, Detox increases the vitality of the living soil.