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Soil Moisture Aeration

Sustainable Aerobic Soil Conditioning

Agriox is a revolutionary time-released aerobic aeration conditioning product for soils and soil moisture. It provides critical, life-sustaining oxygen to microorganisms. Agriox’s slow release of oxygen promotes overall soil health. Its use offers aerobic ecological sustainability. Agriox is environmentally proactive, remediating soil that has been depleted of oxygen over time. By providing an increase in soil oxygen, Agriox users can reduce usage of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. This makes Agriox cost effective and increasingly environmentally sustainable.

Benefits of Agriox:

  • Increased total soil microbial populations
  • Healthier roots due to enhanced symbiotic fungi growth
  • Well maintained and protected white healthy roots
  • More efficient use of nutrients and water
  • Keeps plant and soil ecology healthy and breathing
  • Sustainable for the health of the soil and water
  • Restoration and remediation of aerobic and biological activities at high moisture and temperature conditions
  • Increased enzyme diversity
  • Elimination or reduction of black layer
  • Less fertilizer
  • Reduction of fungicides
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for golf courses, landscapes and gardens

How Important Is Oxygen in Soil?

Ask yourself, how long can you live without food? How long can you live without water? How long can you live without oxygen? Three similar questions, yet three very distinct answers. How would this planet change if you took away this one element? About two thirds of your body and nine tenths of water is oxygen. Oxygen may be the single most important element on this planet for aerobic sustainability. Yet, it is often overlooked. Being one of a kind, Agriox is a time-released source of the life-giving element oxygen. It keeps your soil living in harmony.

How Does Agriox Aerate Soil?

Agriox’s slow oxygen release process is essential in the root zone for water and nutrient absorption during photosynthesis. Plants metabolize macro and micronutrients, as well as enzymes, hormones, organic acids and other beneficial components that fuel growth. Plant-friendly aerobic microbes are oxygen loving. They must have a constant supply of oxygen in order to survive and flourish. 

Unfortunately, because of pollution from over-fertilization, pesticides and other chemical compounds typically used in reacting to poor plant and soil health, oxygen is more limited than that of carbon dioxide. Without a good supply of oxygen, anaerobic microbes explode in population, thus leading to a host of problems, including nutrient deficiencies, disease, low crop yields, etc. This in turn leads to the common reaction of applying even more fertilizer (pollution), more pesticides (pollution) and more chemical (pollution), hence the cycle goes on and on. 

Agriox is a holistic and fundamental approach to maintaining healthy soils and plants.

Due to Agriox’s slow release oxygen process, the oxygen levels in the soil increase aerobic soil health, thus reducing the possibility of nutrient toxicity. This toxicity occurs with the overabundance of carbon dioxide. 

In heavily laden organic soils, Agriox can provide a source of oxygen and improve hydraulic conductivity, permitting more efficient movement of nutrients, water and more oxygen through the soil. 

Agriox treated soils show increased total microbial populations and species diversity. Increasing species diversity suggests the ability to degrade a wider range of plant nutrients and chemical contaminants that are found in the soil profile, thus establishing proactive environmental remediation and sustainability.

Agriox’s ability to create and sustain aerobic ecologies in the soil profile is changing the way agricultural professionals manage their soils and crops. It is a must have for healthy soil and plant sustainability.


““I love the Agriox; it’s amazing! Out of the whole product line, I can honestly tell you that I have never, in my entire life, seen anything work the way Agriox does.”

Heather Watkins-Vaughan Plantation
Golf Resort Director of Resort and Subdivision Landscaping and Maintenance

“Before we were fertilizing our greens every three weeks. Now we’re out to five weeks, which is a 40% savings, and I feel a lot better about both our growth and color. I’m really impressed with the product.”

Jeremy Wilson
Golf Course Superintendent
Cypress Bay Golf Club

“It’s an incredible product. You can see how it helps release tied up nutrients and gives you a nice even green. It’s been a complete night and day response from before I started using it, and now it’s an important part of my program”

Franciso Navas
Golf Course Superintendent
Cypress Woods Golf and Country Club

“We were just hoping that it would help us survive the heat and stress of our busy season, and we really weren’t expecting the type of benefits we’ve seen.”

Brad Lacey
Willow Point
Alexander City, AL

“The Agriox program has simplified things and cut down on the amount of hand watering we’ve had to do by at least 80 percent. “

Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS
The Tradition Golf Club
Pawleys Island, SC