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AquaKler is a unique product specifically formulated to provide months of time-released oxygen in aquatic media for the immobilization of phosphorus. The rate at which the oxygen is released is based on the need of the water being treated.

AquaKler reduces odor and sludge, increasing water clarity. The improvements are longterm, making it economical and environmentally friendly.

Aquaveil filters out sunlight and creates a more pleasing appearance to the pond and lake water. It offers a natural black or blue look, depending upon preference. It will not stain wildlife, including birds, fish or plants, when applied at the recommended rates. It is non-toxic and is compatible with most aquatic herbicides and algaecides. For best results, this product should be used with Aquakler to ensure a clean and healthy pond all season long.

Accelerator is designed to be used with AquaKler when rapid response is needed. It assists to rapidly dissolve oxygen during times of high stress in ponds with dangerously low oxygen. Accelerator removes ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfides.