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Beautify your pond with Aquaveil pond dye


Available in Everglades Black and Carolina Midnight Blue


Give a cloudy pond an attractive reflective pond color with all-natural Aquaveil.

Is your pond murky or coated with unattractive algae growth? Aquaveil is an all-natural pond colorant that will change your pond color from gross to gorgeous.
Aquaveil makes pond maintenance easy, fast, affordable and safe for humans, fish and other wildlife.

Aquaveil turns muddy looking ponds into sparkling, natural blue or black water in a very short period of time. It is available in Everglades Black or Carolina Midnight Blue. These two natural colors will add contrast and beautification to your landscape, whichever you choose.


Benefits of Aquaveil:

  • Decreases algae over-growth by slowing down photosynthesis
  • Reduces sunlight
  • May provide cover for fish from prey due to the reflective surface
  • Beautifies ponds, lakes and other water features in the landscape
  • Diminishes cloudy, murky-looking pond water
  • Adds contrast and reflective surface to pond water
  • Provides beautiful, natural pond color
  • Reduces growth of aquatic weeds
  • Safe for humans, fish and other wildlife
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Earth friendly
  • Non-toxic