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Biological Oxygen for Lakes and Ponds

AquaKler Accelerator is used when a quick dissolved oxygen response is needed in lakes and ponds. Its rate of oxygen release is much quicker than the AquaKler. It can be used as an oxygenation agent during times of high stress or in ponds that suffer from dangerously low oxygen levels.

AquaKler Accelerator is a rapidly available oxygen-releasing agent. When it comes in contact with water, a large quantity of oxygen will be released; as a result, dissolved oxygen in water will also increase. When used in conjunction with AquaKler, this product can effectively reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD). AquaKler Accelerator can improve water quality, enhance the degradation of organics in water and remove sulfides.


  • Rapid release of oxygen
  • Rapid aquatic response
  • Assists with reduction of organic matter
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical
  • Increases dissolved oxygen in the water column


  • Odor Control
  • Water Clarification
  • Enhanced DO
  • Improved Ecosystem
  • BOD Reduction

Application Rates:

If pond/lake contains algae, treat with an algaecide first. Two days later, apply Accelerator
across the surface at a rate of 10-20 lbs. per surface acre/foot.

Apply using a boat mounted clean seed spreader, whirlybird spreader, or pour slowly into
prop wash. (Clean spreader after application of Accelerator) Cover as much of the water surface as possible. Repeat as necessary