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Endurant Spray n Stay is a non-toxic binder that adds extra staying power of turf colorant pigments and paints to grass. Spray n Stay allows colorants to withstand high friction and extreme weather conditions, including football tackles and golf course traffic, to make the already long lasting nature of Endurant colorants withstand even tougher conditions for longer periods of time.

Give the already long lasting color of Endurant turf colorants even more staying power with Endurant Spray n Stay.

When a turfgrass surface is under the intensity of high impact friction, Endurant Spray n Stay provides an ultra-long lasting color when applied with Endurant’s organic pigments or paints.

Endurant turf colorant was named for its ability to endure time and weather up to three months, depending upon the rate of growth, mowing and other factors. Getting that natural green colorant to stay on grass under even more pressure is helpful in many situations where the surface takes a beating—such as on athletic fields, in high traffic areas on golf courses or where pets play, scratch, paw and roll around on a lawn. Spray n Stay also keeps the grass green during large events.

Mix Spray n Stay along with the Endurant colorant application or spray as a separate application after the Endurant colorant has dried.

Endurant Spray n Stay reduces colorant transfer and grass stains on uniforms and pet paws.

Geoponics is proud to create products that are environmentally friendly. Endurant Spray n Stay is non-toxic, combining well with the organic pigments of Endurant for optimal adherence to grass surfaces in even the roughest and toughest conditions.


  • Increases staying power of Endurant colorant mixes that have been diluted
  • Decreases grass staining on uniform sand pets
  • Increases durability of colorant in severe weather
  • Ensures maximum lasting color


Add 1 to 5 oz of Spray n Stay per gallon of total spray mix volume, depending on degree of adhesion needed.