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28 Jun

5 Wetting Agents: Choose the Best SoilSurfactant

Geoponics offers five different wetting agents, also called soil surfactants or soil penetrants. These are Penterra, Humawet, Duration, Profasorb and HydraHawk. All help to manage water in soil. Soil surfactants break the surface tension between soil water and plant, increasing water availability. Similarly, soil penetrants break surface tension but they also get water moving deep into the soil.

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15 Jun

Increase Soil Oxygen with Agriox Soil Aerator

Agriox is agriculture’s answer to oxygen in soil. Likewise, this aerator product saves golf course superintendents, lawn care service providers and others, time, loss of game and money. Most of all, Agriox is an effective alternative to increase soil oxygen. It adjusts oxygen release to meet soil needs. Furthermore, it is environmentally and user friendly.

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26 May

DusterDown: Control Dust & Stabilize Soil

DusterDown makes dust suppression and soil stabilization easy. DusterDown, like other products by Geoponics, is environmentally friendly and non toxic. Thus, it safely suppresses dust on dirt roads, constructions sites and other areas. This dust suppressant is used for soil stabilization and is highly effective at it. Because of this, it is often preferred for suppressing dirt in places such as race tracks with large audiences.

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17 May

Watering Lawns and Plants: How to Use Soil Surfactants

During incredibly dry or overly wet conditions, soils surfactants can help to manage water and oxygen in soil for optimal plant health. If soil is sandy or packed with clay, soil surfactants can assist to make these soil types more optimal for plant growth as well. High winds, compacted soil and other factors can contribute to the need for wetting agents to best care for plants.

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07 Mar

NEW Duration: Soil Surfactant Retains Water for Soil Health

Duration is the newest wetting agent in Geoponics’ line of soil surfactants and it’s faster than ever. Soil surfactants are useful year round, buy may be especially so heading into spring and summer.

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22 May

Turf Tips: Overcome Common Soil Challenges

Golf course superintendent shares how to overcome common soil challenges to grow healthy turfgrass

Superintendent Justin Browning, of Clarksville, Tennessee solves common soil challenges of hard clay and anaerobic soils


  • Soil penetrant (Penterra) gets water moving through hard clay, compacted soils
  • Agriox provides time released oxygen. As a result, (Agriox) aids roots in nutrient and water uptake.
  • Use Agriox and Penterra to grow healthier plants using fewer resources\
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14 Oct

Penterra: Preventing Frost Damage

Preventing frost damage is critical for turgrass and plant health. Golf course superintendents are particularly eager to do all they can to protect turf from the damage of frost. It’s costly not only to the health of the plants but also in delaying games on golf courses and other sports fields.

The solution: Penterra.

Turf frost delays prevented with Penterra

Preventing Frost Damage

Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant and applying it to turf can protect the turf from damage,  loss of chlorophyll and color–essential for golf courses, and any added damage of foot or maintenance traffic on the turf while it’s covered in frost.

Penterra is a mainstay in the golf course superintendent’s toolbox for optimal turfcare.

This environmentally-friendly and sustainable soil surfactant also assists with keeping soil healthy and assists with optimal water management, particularly when water needs to get moving through the soil profile.

If retaining color is essential to the game and business of golf, another environmentally-sustainable solution for adding or retaining color, while also increasing the surface temperature adding in plant health, is to use Endurant, including Endurant TE, which is a turf enhancing pigment optimal for use on actively growing grass, or one of the other multiple shades of Endurant turf colorant. Many superintendents also use a combination of the two during transitions. Keep an eye on our blog for more on this and check out TurfPaint.net.

Preventing Frost Damage Means Preventing Delays

Get players back on the field, on the course and in the game sooner this fall and winter. Apply Penterra before a frost and experience the difference.

Learn more about Penterra at www.Penterra.net, review our Penterra PDF, and order today at 1-877-ECO-GROW.

Geoponics is proud to offer tools to the turfgrass industry to find financially viable solutions that help minimize water usage, increase soil health and make growing easier for sod farmers, athletic field managers, golf course superintendents and others. Check out GeoponicsCorp.com for organic and earth-friendly solutions to common challenges in turf, bunkers, ponds, gardens and farms.

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04 Oct

Two tools to save water while overseeding

There’s a way to save millions of gallons of water this fall! As golf course superintendents and sports field managers are overseeding their rye grass, the seed is requiring near steady flows of water. Geoponics offers solutions to this high economic and environmental demand with Humawet and Profasorb.

Humawet and Profasorb are two wetting agents that can help save water usage and retain water in soil.

Humawet, an organic solution to water conservations, coming soon to online shopping store to launch August 2014 by Geoponics for home owners lawns and gardens.

Save Water While Overseeding with Humawet and Profasorb

Humawet is the most powerful soil surfactant for retaining water and is often used on greens with added benefits provided by humic acid.

Profasorb is the most economical and effective soil surfactant for use throughout the golf course, including on fairways. It’s ease of use in fertigation systems makes it particularly popular, saving water and saving time – removing the need for using a spray rig for application.

“As superintendents go out there and put the seed out, they’re running water constantly right now,” explains long time expert in her field of turfgrass management, Jennifer Seevers, of Geoponics.

“They’re running their irrigation just non-stop, keeping that seed wet and moist, so it will germinate. Without water, it’s not going to happen,” adds Seevers.

Conserving water also saves money while overseeding

While overseeding is happening on turfgrass across the country, the water usage on the West Coast is more extensive—and more expensive!

“On the East Coast, there are people who may take water for granted. But when you get west of the Mississippi, there’s a different mentality about water. . . They’re saving $27,000 per month using these two products,” says Seevers.

“Imagine what they’re spending,” she exclaims.

Some golf courses are spending up to $800,000 for water! Meanwhile, others don’t even pay for water.

Either way, these wetting agents will save on water usage, whether for saving tens of thousands of dollars, or gallons or both.

“It’s an extra tool for them. They don’t have to water quite as much and it will aid in that seed germinating more quickly,” says Seevers of turfgrass managers.

The benefits don’t end at germination either.


Improving soil health will save water while overseeding

“Once the seed does germinate, and people have a full stand of rye grass, these products, especially in places like Texas and other places where they need to keep watering that plant, will help,” says Seevers

While Profasorb and Humawet are great for use during overseeding, they can be used anytime it’s dry and the soil is in need of retaining water.

These environmentally friendly products nourish the soil for better plant health while conserving water.

Humawet incorporates the growing super power of humic acid for soil health.

Learn more about Profasorb and Humawet here: Soil Surfactants Guide.

Order on ShopGeoponics.com, contact your sales representative for larger orders or contact 1-877-ECO-GROW, info@geoponicscorp.com.

Another water-saving and money-saving alternative to overseed is turf colorant. Learn more about this alternative at TurfPaint.net.

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23 Aug

Turf Tips: Help Plants Thrive in Heat and Rain

Summer heat and heavy rains require special attention from growers to produce and maintain thriving plants, including turfgrass.

If soil is getting drenched with rain and the water is left standing on the surface, a soil surfactant is needed. Soil surfactants get water moving through the soil profile to benefit not just the soil health, but also the root system and thus plant health.

Surviving a heat wave is made possible with Agriox for soil oxygen, Penterra for the fastest acting soil penetrant and Geoponics soil surfactants for water management.
The world’s fastest-acting soil penetrant combined with Agriox not only saves turf but keeps it gorgeous as experienced golf course superintendents know the tricks to survive heatwave conditions that if left unchecked can kill grass in minutes. Check out the gorgeous turf conditions at Hermitage Golf Course in VA where the turf survived and thrived a heatwave with Geoponics soil surfactants and soil oxygen. Penterra & Agriox save turf and careers!

Standing water, compacted soil and other related conditions are also contributing factors to summer stress caused not just by heat but also exacerbated by anaerobic soil. Agriox can help with such anaerobic conditions, providing time released oxygen needed for healthy plants and soil.

Heat, rain, humidity– these conditions require special solutions for growers and turfgrass managers.

Standing water and the challenges associated with heavy, frequent down pours can be mitigated using wetting agents, particularly Penterra and/or HydraHawk, along with Agriox.

Turfgrass managers and agricultural growers seeking to maintain healthy turfgrass and crops in climates such as the Florida summer depend on surfactants and the unique time-released soil oxygen provided by Agriox. Rather than the painstaking manual practice of aerating soil, Agriox can work quickly to add oxygen with other benefits for the soil.

Penterra, the fastest-acting soil surfactant on the market, gets water moving through the soil profile quickly, so golfers can get back in the game quickly after rain.

Agriox is another tool and the two work well together, as does HydraHawk for healthy turf and plants throughout a hot, humid summer. Turfgrass managers and users appreciate the effectiveness of these products as well as their natural elements, as HydraHawk is a soil surfactant made from fruit and vegetable extracts. If interested in OMRI growing check out Geoponics products as increasingly sustainable growing products continue to be added to the line– a commitment to the Earth that Geoponics has maintained since the beginning of the company.

Sales on these soil surfactants and Agriox products made for summer soil solutions continue through August and their benefits last much longer!

Contact your sales representative or Geoponics directly, 1-877-ECO-GROW, for sale prices that are based on large commercial volume.

Home users and smaller properties can also benefit. Check out ShopGeoponics.com for great rates, quantities and application methods produced especially for use on smaller properties.

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16 Aug

The Rain Drain: Turf Recovery

1When rain sits, here’s what you get: Penterra!

Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market today. During the heavy rains of summer, particularly common in South Florida and of course other areas around the world, Penterra is a savior for golf course superintendents, turfgrass managers and other growers.

One of the greatest challenges of golf course superintendents and agricultural growers is water management. Penterra is a wetting agent that leads to success when it’s time to get water moving through the soil.

Penterra Rain Drain
Matthew Thorpe of Green Earth Investments, a Geoponics distributor in South Africa, applies Penterra at Randpark Golf Club to keep conditions ideals for healthy soil, turfgrass, plants and players.

Not only does Penterra keep soil, plants and turfgrass healthy, it helps to quickly restore usual operations– especially useful for getting back in the game quickly after rain on golf courses and athletic fields.

Whether for a summer tournament or to maintain usual daily usage, turfgrass managers, athletic field managers and golf course superintendents, among others, rely on Penterra as a soil penetrant that by far out-performs any wetting agent when it comes to getting water moving quickly throughout the soil profile.

Penterra is a tried and true type of product used by industry professionals in turgrass management, golf course management and agricultural uses for many years, accumulating dozens of testimonials and thank you’s for saving properties, plants, crops and time.

A couple of those testimonials from professionals include:

“I have never seen a surfactant pull water so quickly off the canopy, and I’ve used them all. I’ll give them credit, it really does what they say it will do.”

Robby Henderson,

Golf Course Superintendent

Maggie Valley Club and Resort

Maggie Valley, NC

“It is the single best product for what it is that I have used in 25 years as a superintendent.”

Johnny Powell

Golf Course Superintendent

North Myrtle Beach, SC

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