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26 Apr

Spring Water and Soil Solutions for Turf

Duration Soil Surfactant & SoilPlex Humic Acids Provide Perfect Combo for Improving Water Management

Geoponics offers two products that when combined add a perfect combination for optimal water management this spring and summer. Duration is a soil surfactant and wetting agent. SoilPlex provides humic and fulvic acids. Together, these two products optimize the benefits of the other, while improving nutrient uptake, water holding capacity, oxygen balance, pH balance and so much more. Best of all, they are very affordable.

Duration and SoilPlex are ideal for improving turfgrass conditions this spring and summer during drought and/or high winds. Increase the grass’s tolerance to drought and provide improved soil conditions.

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22 Apr

Earth Day with Geoponics

What are your plans for Earth Day?

Geoponics isn’t just our company. It is an Earth-based science. It’s about growing in the soil. So for us, every day really is Earth Day. Still, we have plans to make it special and have ideas to share with you.

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05 Apr

Geoponics Green Lawn Recipe

5 Ingredients to Enjoy a Green Lawn Now

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02 Mar

Preparing for Spring with Geoponics

Easy Garden and Lawn Tips & Products for Green Grass and Lush Gardens

Geoponics is getting ready for spring. These past several weeks, through February and now leading into March, Geoponics is working with community gardeners, sports field operators, golf course superintendents and sod farmers for a successful spring. Here are some of the products we are sharing, along with how they can help your plants grow healthfully whether at home or in a commercial setting.

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28 Jun

5 Wetting Agents: Choose the Best Soil Surfactant

Geoponics offers five different wetting agents, also called soil surfactants or soil penetrants. Choose the best soil surfactant by considering whether to move or retain water in soil and other needs. Geoponics soil surfactants include Penterra, Humawet, Duration, Profasorb and HydraHawk. All help to manage water in soil.

Soil surfactants break the surface tension between soil water and plant, increasing water availability. Similarly, soil penetrants break surface tension and they get water moving deep into the soil.

Now, learn to choose the best soil surfactant for your soil.

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15 Jun

Increase Soil Oxygen with Agriox Soil Aerator

Agriox is agriculture’s answer to oxygen in soil. Likewise, this aerator product saves golf course superintendents, lawn care service providers and others, time, loss of game and money. Most of all, Agriox is an effective alternative to increase soil oxygen. It adjusts oxygen release to meet soil needs. Furthermore, it is environmentally and user friendly.

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26 May

DusterDown: Control Dust & Stabilize Soil

DusterDown makes dust suppression and soil stabilization easy. DusterDown, like other products by Geoponics, is environmentally friendly and non toxic. Thus, it safely suppresses dust on dirt roads, constructions sites and other areas. This dust suppressant is used for soil stabilization and is highly effective at it. Because of this, it is often preferred for suppressing dirt in places such as race tracks with large audiences.

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17 May

Watering Lawns and Plants: How to Use Soil Surfactants

During incredibly dry or overly wet conditions, soils surfactants can help to manage water and oxygen in soil for optimal plant health. If soil is sandy or packed with clay, soil surfactants can assist to make these soil types more optimal for plant growth as well. High winds, compacted soil and other factors can contribute to the need for wetting agents to best care for plants.

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07 Mar

NEW Duration: Soil Surfactant Retains Water for Soil Health

Duration is the newest wetting agent in Geoponics’ line of soil surfactants and it’s faster than ever. Soil surfactants are useful year round, buy may be especially so heading into spring and summer.

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22 May

Turf Tips: Overcome Common Soil Challenges

Golf course superintendent shares how to overcome common soil challenges to grow healthy turfgrass

Superintendent Justin Browning, of Clarksville, Tennessee solves common soil challenges of hard clay and anaerobic soils


  • Soil penetrant (Penterra) gets water moving through hard clay, compacted soils
  • Agriox provides time released oxygen. As a result, (Agriox) aids roots in nutrient and water uptake.
  • Use Agriox and Penterra to grow healthier plants using fewer resources\
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