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21 Feb

9 Tips on How to Grow Great Hanging Baskets

1. Consider the Basket’s Material

Learning how to grow great hanging baskets begins with the basket. So, first, if you bought a hanging basket, take it out of the plastic basket from which it came. Then, transfer it into a coconut fiber basket or something that can breathe. Consider a breathable hanging basket, such as this hanging basket sold on Amazon. Since a plastic container locks in water and CO2 (carbon dioxide), this leads to disease, waterlogged roots and low oxygen. The increased oxygen from the fiber baskets promotes good drainage and atmospheric exchange of oxygen into the root zone for better water and nutrient uptake. Furthermore, this increased oxygen will help aerobic micrograms proliferate in the potting soil. Consider adding a manure or mushroom compost to help balance the flow of water and oxygen as well as capacity for holding water and nutrients.

2. Soil

Second, check your hanging basket’s soil. Use an organic potting mix with either composted cow manure or mushroom compost. The high levels of oxygen and healthy moisture levels will keep the breakdown of organic material. This will provide your plants with a steady supply of soluble nutrients.

3. Water

Next, water hanging baskets generously. The great thing about coconut fiber planters is they DRAIN! Plastic does not drain and when water builds up and does not drain, you can end up with waterlogged anaerobic soils which lead to several problems. These include: poor plant health, low aerobic beneficial microorganism population (ie Nitrogen fixing bacteria), heavy CO2 laden soils, and thus, pathogenic fungi. Water carries with it DO (dissolved oxygen). The amount of oxygen in the water is mostly relative to the temperature. If it is hot, there will be less oxygen in the water. If the soils drains well, then you are literally helping the soil respirate.

4. Fertility and Nutrition

Use organic fertility products versus chemical fertilizers where possible. Consider these nutrition products for hanging baskets:
SoilPlex.com Add humic & fulvic acids for increased soil nutrition OMRI listed for organic growing.
FertaFlow.com Get organic fish fertilizer made with whole cold pressed fish. (Not just an emulsion! OMRI listed.)
Carbotein.com Increase budding and growth with this soil conditioner made from vegetable extracts.

5. Disease and Pest Control

Watch for disease and pests. Keep an eye out for pests like aphids, which are tiny white-looking bugs that will literally suck the life out of your plants. You can keep some insecticidal soap in a spray bottle and spray them once a week or as you notice they are being attacked. You can also do preventative fungicide applications of Daconil. Or try Neem oil for a more environmentally friendly approach to pest control.

6. Sun

Give good sunlight without over doing it. Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, but likewise they can also get too hot and get heat stress.

7. Deadheading and Pruning

Dead head flowers. Make sure to pull off unsightly flowers that have died. By pulling off the old flowers you are allowing energy to go into the prodution of new and more abundant flowers. As you deadhead the flowers in your hanging basket, you can save the seeds for planting in another area, depending on the flower species.

8. Zones

Choose plants for your zone and time of year. Make sure to check what zone you live in to ensure you have plants that can thrive in the area you live. For example, we are headquartered in zone 11, so to grow close to our main office, we have to consider the tropical weather, rain and hot and humid temperatures. Check you zone here.

9. Attracting Wildlife

Think of wildlife. Hanging baskets can be great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. Chose flowers that can attract wildlife so that you can enjoy some of Earth’s creatures. If you are looking to attract hummingbirds, chose tubular nectar producing flowers that are RED! You may want to hang a hummingbird feeder close to your hanging baskets to keep the hummingbirds coming back to visit.

Following these simple steps can lead to very beautiful and enjoyable hanging baskets for you and your family to enjoy.