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25 Jan

Geoponics has an entire line of landscape colorants. Foremost among the aggregate colorants in the Endurant Landscape Colorants line is Endurant Sand Colorant. This green sand colorant is commonly used in commercial applications, such as golf courses and sports fields. It is long lasting and natural in color that coordinates with turfgrass.

Endurant Sand Colorant is readily available in 1 gallon jugs and 5 gallon pails. So shop on ShopGeoponics or call 1-877-ECO-GROW to order.

Furthermore, Geoponics can customize a colorant for any aggregate, whether sand, gravel or stone. Some users mix the colorant in a cement mixer with these landscape aggregates. Other commercial entities have industrial mixers to dye, paint or color sand, gravel and stone.

Endurant Sand Colorant
Endurant Sand Colorant is often used for commercial applications, including golf course divots and sports fields.

More About Endurant Sand Colorant

Endurant Sand Colorant is a popular product in the line of Landscape Colorants among sports field operators and golf course superintendents. Turfgrass managers use this green colorant for sand mostly on golf courses and athletic turf. They use the green sand to fill in divots or top dress. Golf course superintendents and sports field managers use it because it helps to blend a damaged area back into the grassy landscape. 

Users give the sand a green color to camouflage the divots in the turfgrass created by golfers or athletes on fields, fairways and tees. 

Why Endurant Versus Other Brands of Sand Colorant

Endurant is the best line of colorants, pigments, paints and dyes on the market, avoiding the pit falls of some other brands.

Endurant offers a natural color; it does not bleed; and it is long lasting. Geoponics uses a binder made specifically for use on sand. A small amount of product enhances the color of a significant amount of sand. This makes Endurant economically priced for commercial and industrial applications. 

Endurant remains true to tone, so it does not suffer from light degradation. 

Some of the major problems that arise from other brands of colorants for aggregates is they aren’t long lasting. Furthermore, they are not natural in color or appearance; or they change color. Also a major complaint that people get from other sand colorant brands is that the divot sand will bleed color when wet. In conclusion, for all the reasons above, Endurant Sand Colorants is the top choice among golf course superintendents and others in the green industry. 

Endurant sells internationally. It is available in one or five gallon pails. Choose an application rate based on the desired depth of shade. As a gauge, on average, the optimal application rate is approximately 1 to 2 gallons of Endurant Sand Colorant per ton of sand. 

The color lasts as the grass grows back into the damaged area. 

See the label. See the SDS.

More About Other Custom Color Blends for Sand, Stone and Gravel

Geoponics can make any color for aggregate application, including for rock, gravel or stone. 

Contact us for a quote with a minimum custom order of 250 gallons. 1-877-ECO-GROW or info@geoponicscorp.com