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30 Oct

Superintendent’s Heat Stressed Grass Grows Back with Carbotein for Plant Nutrition

We all know that feeling when our plants, gardens or lawns start looking wilted and stressed. This spring and summer, Matt Lantrip, a golf course superintendent at Montclair Country Club in Montclair, Virginia, had some new greens that were struggling to thrive. The heat stressed grass needed to make a come back. Plant nutrition and soil oxygen became the solutions.

“I started seeing the stress and the wilt. Although I was trying to get the greens to bounce back, it was tough. So, I started using the Carbotein and it worked really well,” says Lantrip.

He also got the growth, particularly the lateral growth, that he wanted. Carbotein’s ability to promote growth in plants, turf grass, trees and flowers is powerful.

Carbotien also improves plant health, creating visible improvements quickly when plants are stressed from any number of factors, including heat, inconsistent watering and other factors.

“I just wished I’d known about it sooner,” says Lantrip.

He plans to use Carbotein earlier in the spring to prevent the stress in the future, he adds.

Most importantly, the heat stressed greens recovered quickly and are thriving this fall.

“The wilty areas bounced right back after that Carbotein,” he says.

Agriox soil aerator adds soil oxygen and Carbotein adds plant nutrition to get heat stressed grass to bounce back on this Virginia golf course in spring and summer.
Agriox soil aerator adds soil oxygen and Carbotein adds plant nutrition to get heat stressed grass to bounce back on this Virginia golf course in spring and summer.

Tip for Promoting Growth and Reducing Plant Stress While Minimizing Mowing

Carbotein promotes growth, which was needed for the greens to bounce back from the stress. However, Lantrip didn’t want too much vertical growth. So, he used a plant growth regulator in conjunction with Carbotein and got the optimal results, he says.

Improving Soil Health Helps Heat Stressed Grass Bounce Back

Carbotein Increases Plant Growth, Budding and Flowering for Turf, Gardens and Farms

Carbotein not only promotes growth, it improves soil and plant nutrition, leading to numerous benefits. In turf grass, this means growth and color. Additionally, in other plants, Carbotein has visibly dramatic positive results. Carbotein is a soil conditioner and provides plant nutrition that increases budding, flowering, fruits, vegetables and crop yields. It’s 100 percent natural and made of vegetable extracts. These extracts provide stunning results on lawns, flowers, gardens, farms and golf courses.

Agriox Increases Soil Oxygen without Disrupting Turf Grass or Plants

Soil Aeration with Agriox Is Like Giving CPR to Heat Stressed Grass

Agriox breathes life back into soil. Anaerobic soil can occur any time, but it’s particularly common during the heat of summer. As soil conditions become anaerobic, this exacerbates the challenges for heat stressed grass and other plants.

So, in addition to Carbotein, Lantrip addressed his anaerobic soils with Agriox. This boost of soil oxygen is not only immediate but also long lasting. Agriox is time release and activates when soil needs the oxygen most, including during high temperatures and pH changes.

Whether turf grass, flower beds, a farm, sports field or trees, plants are fundamentally nourished from the ground up. Improving soil health by balancing soil oxygen is imperative to soil and plant health. Agriox is the least disruptive method to get oxygen deep into the soil. Its effects are long lasting and wonderful for golf courses looking to avoid loss in play. Furthermore, Agriox provides a method of aeration that may not be available any other way, without harming a crop, lawn or garden.

Like all Geoponics products, Agriox and Carbotein are environmentally friendly. There is no compromise between improving your immediate landscape and the environment that surrounds it.