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03 Mar

News from the Endurant Landscape Colorants Division

Websites, Lawn Painting Business Opportunities and Product Launches

Geoponics is announcing several new resources for lawn care providers, golf courses, sports field operators and home users. We recently launched two new Endurant Turf Colorant websites. Geoponics is up to many other ‘Great’ things as well, including introducing several more products for spring (like Endurant Great White).

Geoponics launched two new websites for resources to be used by Endurant users, including an easy to search FAQs page and our brand NEW Endurant Affiliate Program page for grass paint and lawn service providers. This site will help landscape service providers and people in search of the lawn painting service. If you offer Endurant Landscape Colorants, including turf paint, tree and shrub colorant, and/or mulch colorant, we urge you to register online now. You will begin to receive referrals and other online marketing benefits with our support.

We invite you to explore our recently ‘lawn’ched EndurantColorants.com and IPaintLawns.com today. We will continue to grow these sites to meet your needs.

New Endurant Turf Colorant Websites:

FAQs and an Affiliate Program

Visit EndurantColorants.com and type in a keyword or any question you may have about painting grass. Then, the website will lead you to the answer. If you do not find what you are looking for there, please contact us at info@geoponicscorp.com. We will answer you as soon as possible. Also, we will continue to update the website with more of your frequently asked questions as they evolve over time.

Lawn Painting Business Opportunities: Endurant Affiliate Program

…Which leads us to the next big announcement. We also ‘lawn’ched IPaintLawns.com. This website features the debut of our new Endurant Affiliate Program. This first phase of this program invites individuals and businesses who offer the service of painting lawns, mulch, trees and landscapes with Endurant an opportunity to connect with people seeking their services. This referral program works by having an Endurant Landscape Colorants service provider enter information about their business and services into the website database. Then, as people across the U.S. seek ways to get their lawns and landscapes painted, they will find you, their nearest, most appropriate service provider. Register today for the Endurant Affiliate Program on IPaintLawns.com.

Geoponics has several new product reveals in the works.

Among our newest products are:

  • Endurant HazMark: Available now in three colors: white, yellow and red.
  • Endurant Spray n Stay: Available in March 2022 in 32 ounce bottles and one gallon.
  • Duration: The most economical and versatile soil surfactant for getting water to penetrate evenly through soil. This wetting agent also assists with water retention and uptake, thus conserving water while maintaining optimal plant health. Duration is ideal for a garden, lawn, golf course, farm or athletic field.
  • Endurant Great White: White Line Paint available in March for marking athletic fields. Order now. 1-877-ECO-GROW or email info@geoponicscorp.com. To be added soon to ShopGeoponics.com and with many of our distributors across the U.S.
  • Endurant **: We can’t tell you yet. But just wait until Thursday, March 17, 2022. Stay tuned to IG.com/TurfPainting.

Keep an eye on our social media as well as our blogs here and on TurfPaint.net/blog for upcoming announcements and business opportunities.