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11 Jul

Penterra is the fastest-acting soil wetting penetrant for balanced plant hydration. It gets water moving through the soil profile quickly. Customers call it the Rain Drain because Penterra prevents puddling and helps water-in rain. Penterra is a highly effective soil penetrant and soil surfactant for addressing hydrophobic conditions.

Penterra breaks the surface tension and gets water deep into the soil profile. This soil wetter is incredibly fast at improving soil moisture in dry soil and improving water dispersion in compacted, water repellent soil.

When water is puddling on the surface, Penterra will get it moving deep through the entire soil profile.

Choose Penterra when you need powerful water absorption.

When to Choose Penterra

When deciding which soil wetting agent is right for your situation, also remember Penterra is one of the soil surfactants that needs to be watered into the soil immediately. (See others on SoilSurfactants.com)

Penterra assists in keeping the soil aerobic by increasing the amount of oxygen exchanged with the soil profile. It helps improve water and nutrient uptake, making for healthier turfgrass and plants.

Penterra is powerful for use on slopes, hills and inclines to improve watering. This penetrant corrects LDS (Localized Dry Spot) and other conditions caused by poor water saturation in soil. Notice the improvement rapidly.

Where to Use Penterra

Penterra is a valuable tool for golf course superintendents, landscapers, lawn maintenance crews, gardeners, horticulturalists and land management companies. Sports field managers and homeowners also successfully use Penterra.

Use Penterra on turfgrass, lawns, sod, golf courses and sports fields. Use on ornamentals and wherever you need to get water saturating throughout the soil profile.

Buy Now:

Penterra Soil Wetting Penetrant Available Online and In Stores

Available in 32 oz containers, 5 gallon cases of 2.5 gallon jugs each. Purchase at distributors nationwide or on ShopGeoponics.com. For larger amounts and high quantities of each, such as pallets and 50 gallon drums, call 1-877-ECO-GROW to order.

Learn more on Penterra.net