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27 May

One of the ways to improve a landscape’s drought tolerance, improve plant health and conserve water is through the use of wetting agents, soil surfactants and soil penetrants. But how do you choose the best wetting agent?

Geoponics offers five soil surfactants and they have many of the same core benefits in common and then just a couple attributes particular to each one. Here is how to choose the best wetting agent for your situation.

All 5 Soil Surfactants & Wetting Agents Will:

  • Break surface tension
  • Penetrate thatch
  • Evenly saturate soil with water
  • Fully hydrate the entire soil profile
  • Improve water holding capacity
  • Retain water
  • Move water evenly through soil
  • Improve soil aeration or oxygen levels to create healthy, aerobic conditions
  • Conserve water
  • Decrease need for frequent watering
  • Improve soil, root and plant health
  • And more… (Visit SoilSurfactants.com for even more details)

The Best Wetting Agent for You

Key Points: How to Choose


Penterra is the fastest-acting, most powerful soil penetrant. It needs to be watered in, so it doesn’t sit on leaves, grass blades or foliage long. More on SoilPenetrant.com


Duration does not need to be watered in. It may be the most economical for non-fertigation systems. (ex. home lawns, gardens and potted plants.) (More details in the here.)


Profasorb may be the most economical for fertigation systems. (ex. golf courses) Profasorb.com


HydraHawk may be the most eco-friendly, made only with all-natural plant extracts. (More details on HydraHawk.com)


Humawet combines the benefits of the soil penetrant plus humates, which improve nutrient uptake and soil structure. (Humawet.com)

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