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25 May

Penterra Is the Fastest-Acting Soil Penetrant for Efficiently Watering Lawns, Gardens, Golf Courses and Plants

In almost every situation Penterra, a soil penetrant by Geoponics, will help to hydrate soil, plants, lawns, gardens and golf courses. Better yet, it does this while using less water. Now, an extremely rare event, through May 31, 2022, Penterra is on sale. Use code: Save20, online only, at SoilPenetrant.com for our Memorial Day Sale.

Whether in a potted plant with potting soil or an entire lawn, Penterra will get water moving through the soil for evenly dispersed hydration. This soil penetrant breaks surface tension. Penterra easily gets through thatch, a common challenge on golf courses and lawns. (SoilPenetrant.com)

With drought and water restrictions, Penterra can save plants, lawns, water, time and money.

Don’t let record droughts, sandy soil, compacted soil or even hydrophobic soil get you down. Optimize your watering with Penterra, a soil penetrant. This eco-friendly approach to conserving water will make for healthy soil, plants, lawns and gardens.

Penterra is Geoponics most popular soil surfactant, often used on golf courses across the US and even internationally, because it is the fastest-acting for getting water moving through soil. Penterra gets the soil to evenly absorb the water, rather than just puddle and/or runoff. This soil penetrant is a soil surfactant and wetting agent, but specifically, it will get water moving evenly throughout soil and quickly. It is sometimes referred to as an infiltration surfactant as it gets water to evenly infiltrate the soil. This means more hydrated soil and plants.

From humid places with sandy soils, such as Florida, to dry arid climates out west, like Texas and California, Penterra gets the water moving through the soil for better absorption. It’s just as helpful in clay and compacted soils.

Dry patches in a lawn, sports field or golf course will go green again. Penterra will help water to be evenly dispersed even on hills. This highly effective penetrant gets water to infiltrate the soil to eliminate or diminish puddling in low spots and dry high areas.

You’ll be able to water less frequently and use less water each time while getting even better results, whether in a large area like a lawn or in a potted plant or hanging basket.


Penterra is super affordable. It’s even more affordable if you BUY Penterra NOW through May 31, 2022! It’s ON SALE. Get 20 percent off at SoilPenetrant.com using the CODE: SAVE20

Benefits of Penterra, the Fastest-Acting Soil Penetrant by Geoponics

  • Fastest-acting: Instead of working in hours, increased water penetration and absorption occurs within seconds of applying Penterra.
  • Loosens hard soil.
  • Water no longer beads or puddles on the top or surface.
  • Breaks surface tension.
  • This fast-acting wetting agent even gets water penetrating through thatch.
  • Avoid puddling, even in low spots.
  • Water penetrates into soil of high areas and hills, rather than rolling down or off the surface.
  • Achieve uniform movement of water through soil.
  • Prevent water from just draining quickly out bottom of pots or hanging baskets without fulling hydrating soil and plant.
  • Use less water to achieve greater hydration.
  • Water potted plants and other areas less frequently.
  • Get water to saturate soil completely using the least amount of water necessary.
  • Overcome water restrictions.
  • Improve drought tolerance.
  • Minimize water expenses.
  • Save time on watering.
  • Get better results with healthier plants, turfgrass and trees.
  • Retain moisture.
  • Aerate soil getting more oxygen through soil profile using Penterra. (for even more oxygen in anaerobic soil, order Agriox, SoilOxygen.com. Special shipping required due to oxygen content. Call to order 1-877-ECO-GROW. )
  • Water saturates soil completely with just a little Penterra.
  • Prevent and overcome LDS, hot spots and brown patches commonly caused by uneven water absorption.
  • Hydration of soil and plant is faster and longer lasting.
  • Prevents nutrient runoff.

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