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26 Apr

Duration Soil Surfactant & SoilPlex Humic Acids Provide Perfect Combo for Improving Water Management

Geoponics offers two products that when combined add a perfect combination for optimal water management this spring and summer. Duration is a soil surfactant and wetting agent. SoilPlex provides humic and fulvic acids. Together, these two products optimize the benefits of the other, while improving nutrient uptake, water holding capacity, oxygen balance, pH balance and so much more. Best of all, they are very affordable.

Duration and SoilPlex are ideal for improving turfgrass conditions this spring and summer during drought and/or high winds. Increase the grass’s tolerance to drought and provide improved soil conditions.

First, let me share, in part, why it’s great to have these two liquid soil amendments provided separately. One, if you have sandy soil, you will want more SoilPlex. It’s not hard to notice if your soil is sandy. Secondly, if you have compacted soil, which you can tell when watering a potted plant when the water just runs off to the sides instead of going into the soil, then you want a little more Duration, than if you’re not experiencing this. Either way, together, you will optimize your use of water and nutrition in soil. Why? Because Soil Plex and Duration are the winning combination. Details below:

Benefits of SoilPlex Include:

  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increases sandy soil’s water & nutrient holding capacity
  • Balances oxygen for aerobic conditions
  • Humic & fulvic acids
  • Most pure ingredients available
  • Natural chelator
  • Carbon source
  • Acts like a liquid compost by providing such benefits, but without the challenges of adding compost to soil and turfgrass
  • OMRI listed for organic growing
  • Improves microbial health
  • Balances soil’s CEC
  • Thus, balances soil pH
  • Creates efficient use of fertilizer by increasing and optimizing plant uptake
  • Improves root growth
  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Ideal for fairways, greens and tees

Benefits of Duration Include:

  • Most economical surfactant wetting agent
  • Disperses water evenly throughout soil
  • Plays well with others: Mix Duration with other products (Standard jar tests recommended)
  • Increases absorption of other solutions, including fertilizer and other foliar applications
  • Improves water holding capacity and plant uptake
  • Improves absorption of nutrients through foliar and soil
  • Can be left on leaf blade without being immediately watered in or it can be watered in
  • So, avoids risk of burning associated with some other soil surfactants
  • Reduces surface tension
  • Reduces LDS
  • Creates balanced aerobic ecology
  • Loosens hard clay

SoilPlex & Duration: Better Together

Providing Spring Water and Soil Solutions

SoilPlex and Duration each increase the benefits of the other. What Duration does not offer, SoilPlex does. Both help to increase foliar and soil absorption of each other, as well as of water, fertilizer and any other products. This leads to optimal use of resources. Together, in almost any soil condition, they will improve drought tolerance and optimize use of available water. They are very economical together, often less than $25 per acre, depending on rates used.

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Duration & SoilPlex Better Together for Managing Water in Soil During Drought, Wind and Other Conditions

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