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18 Jun

SoilPlex soil conditioner’s pure humic and fulvic acids improve plant health and increase crop yields sustainably. Because SoilPlex contains the purest available humic and fulvic acids, without the common toxins found in other sources of humic and fulvic acids, it is a preferred choice for agricultural uses, golf courses, lawn care and gardens. This OMRI listed soil conditioner made for organic growing is ideal for use whenever nutrient uptake and soil retention need optimization. This is particularly the case in soil depleted of its natural richness through pesticides or other pollutants. 

SoilPlex for Organic Growing Provides Benefits of Humic and Fulvic Acids

Why Humic & Fulvic Acids and Why SoilPlex?

1. Increase nutrient uptake.

The humic and fulvic acids in SoilPlex act as natural chelating agents binding to nutrients in the soil. Plant roots absorb these humic acid-nutrient compounds increasing the efficiency of plants and decreasing nutrient losses caused by leaching. Being in liquid form, SoilPlex is fast acting and highly effective at delivering humic acids deep into the soil and/ or to the plant.

In combination with fertilization, SoilPlex allows the user to get the most out of their fertilization program and will reduce the amount of nutrients necessary to produce healthy plants. Without humic acids present, some of the nutrients provided by fertilizers become inaccessible to plants, so money is lost and plant health suffers. Thus, humic acids are vital for both the health of plants and for growers’ economic well-being. Fertilization may be organic, such as with FertaFlow, or chemical, such as MiracleGro.

2. Decrease Pollutants.

SoilPlex is an OMRI listed soil conditioner for organic growing and provides the purest and highest concentrations of humic and fulvic acids for healthy soils and plants.

Because SoilPlex is rich in humic acids, plants it won’t just make more nutrients available to the plant, it will also make toxins less available. 

Humic acids chelate harmful toxins in the soil, preventing them from entering the plant. This benefit is particularly important because in recent decades, countless toxins have been introduced, namely pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. These pollutants degrade soil quality, and without proper remediation, they continue to degrade crop health and yields. These toxic molecules are captured by humic molecules and locked up. Unlike nutrients, they’re not taken up by the plants. Even better, they are eventually flushed away. Due to this vital process, plants remain healthier and soil health benefits increase over time. This is true sustainability and reduction in need for further use of harmful products for crop yields.

3.  Increase water management.

By reducing soil compaction and adding humic acid, SoilPlex helps soil retain water and make it more available to the plant. Many soil types benefits benefit from SoilPlex, but sandy soil particularly benefits due to this increased water retention.

Due to the charge of the ions in humic acids, water evaporation is reduced, further maximizing water retention, and thus reducing demand and usage. [For a deep dive into how it works, check out more below.] If extra water retention is needed, consider applying with Humawet, a Geoponics soil surfactant that also includes humic acids but is also made specifically as a wetting agent for retaining water.

4. Increased microbial health.

A healthy microbiome is essential to healthy soil and plants. One of the most noticeable and impactful benefits of the humic acids in SoilPlex is their impact on microbial populations in soil. Pesticides have decimated the health of soil in many cases. Thus, it’s imperative to restore the soil and remediate the harm. 

Humic acids in SoilPlex aid the growth of microbial populations in several ways, two in particular. First, humic acids provide a source of carbon. Thus, microbes have a food source. Secondly, humic acids provide a place for microflora to colonize. So, it’s as if SoilPlex, through its humic acid content, provides food and shelter for the microbes. Finally, as microbial health improves, so too does soil and plant health.

5. Improved soil structure and quality.

SoilPlex contributes to improved soil texture and soil structure. This liquid soil conditioner aggregates soil to reduce sodium build up and reduces soil compaction.

The humic acids in SoilPlex have multiple properties that combine to improve soil structure. First, although humic acid has a negative net charge, it carries both positive and negative charges. Secondly, humic acid has a large molecular size. Together together these properties help humic acids to bond to soil particles and create space for microbes, oxygen and healthy root growth. Therefor, clay and compacted soils are benefited as without SoilPlex and the humic acids within the soil conditioner, the soil particles are bound tightly together restricting soil oxygen, space and structure. 

Humic molecules stand clay particles on end, which allows even more space and thus oxygen and water penetration. Furthermore, humic acids reduce soil salinity. As the SoilPlex removes the salts from clay, this restores the negative charge from clay particles, forcing them apart and once again leading to more soil space and improved soil structure. SoilPlex aggregates soil to reduce sodium build up and reduces soil compaction.

In all soil types, as the soil structure improves and pore space increases, aerobic soil microbes get the water and oxygen they need. 

Improved soil structure leads to oxygenation, which creates a chain of positive results. First, to name a few, the increased oxygen contributes to micro-organisms population increase. Next, more micro-organisms lead to their releasing more nutrients for the plants. Finally, these nutrients are absorbed by the improved root structure.

6. Increase crop yields.

SoilPlex and the many benefits of humic and fulvic acids have a final result of increased plant size, volume and health. The conditions provide for more resistance to stress and pests. More budding, blooming, increased vegetable and fruit production are among the greatest results for growers. A fertility program without the benefits of SoilPlex’s humic and fulvic acids is incomplete.  

7. Versatile and easy to use.

SoilPlex is a liquid conditioner and can be applied as a soil amendment, foliar spray or fertilizer enhancer. It can be absorbed by roots or by leaves.

SoilPlex soil conditioner is OMRI listed for organic growing and provides benefits of humic acid and fulvic acids

The Science: How SoilPlex Works

Rich in the purest, most concentrated forms of humic and fulvic acids, SoilPlex maximizes their benefits. Among the properties that has dramatic positive effects on soil and plant health is the ionics charge of humic and fulvic acids. The negative charge increases nutrient uptake and water retention. 

But, how exactly? Humic acids are naturally oxidized, which gives them a net negative charge. Thus, positive ions, also known as “cations”, are attracted to these big molecules and bind to them. This “cation exchange capacity” is a powerful property that make humic acids uniquely beneficial to plants. 

How Humic & Fulvic Acids Increase Nutrient Uptake

Nutrients bind to humic acids because they are positively charged. Plants  need magnesium, calcium, iron, and other trace minerals, all of which are positively charged, and thus in the presence of humic acids unlock from the soil. Then, because the root systems are at a stronger negative charge than humic acid, the positive ions of the nutrients bind to the humic acid and release for uptake into the plant. Nutrients that would otherwise be leeched or locked and unavailable to plants, including the nutrients added to the soil through fertilizers, would not be available to the plant without the humic acid of SoilPlex. 

For this reason, SoilPlex works well with either organic fertilizers, such as FertaFlow, or chemical fertilizers, such as MiracleGro, as well, to maximize plant absorption of the nutrients they provide. 

How Humic & Fulvic Acids Improve Water Retention and Uptake

Another effect of the negative charge of humic acids, which again attracts positive ions, or cations, which stick to the humic molecule, is water retention. These cations, in the presence of water molecules, move away from the humic molecule and attach to the oxygen end of water molecules. The hydrogen ends of those water molecules then attach to the hydrogen ends of other water molecules. Water is thus retained by reducing water evaporation.

Fulvic Acids and Foliar Applications:

SoilPlex is not just absorbed by the roots in the soil, but also on the leaves of the plants. Humic acids, paired with fulvic acids, which are shorter chain organic molecules, are extremely effective as foliar applications. Humic acids increase cell wall permeability in plants. As the cell membranes become more permeable, fulvic acids in SoilPlex act as chelators and allow nutrients to more easily enter through the plant foliage.

Benefit from SoilPlex Humic Acids: Buy Now

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