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14 Oct

Preventing frost damage is critical for turgrass and plant health. Golf course superintendents are particularly eager to do all they can to protect turf from the damage of frost. It’s costly not only to the health of the plants but also in delaying games on golf courses and other sports fields.

The solution: Penterra.

Turf frost delays prevented with Penterra

Preventing Frost Damage

Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant and applying it to turf can protect the turf from damage,  loss of chlorophyll and color–essential for golf courses, and any added damage of foot or maintenance traffic on the turf while it’s covered in frost.

Penterra is a mainstay in the golf course superintendent’s toolbox for optimal turfcare.

This environmentally-friendly and sustainable soil surfactant also assists with keeping soil healthy and assists with optimal water management, particularly when water needs to get moving through the soil profile.

If retaining color is essential to the game and business of golf, another environmentally-sustainable solution for adding or retaining color, while also increasing the surface temperature adding in plant health, is to use Endurant, including Endurant TE, which is a turf enhancing pigment optimal for use on actively growing grass, or one of the other multiple shades of Endurant turf colorant. Many superintendents also use a combination of the two during transitions. Keep an eye on our blog for more on this and check out TurfPaint.net.

Preventing Frost Damage Means Preventing Delays

Get players back on the field, on the course and in the game sooner this fall and winter. Apply Penterra before a frost and experience the difference.

Learn more about Penterra at www.Penterra.net, review our Penterra PDF, and order today at 1-877-ECO-GROW.

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