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04 Nov

New from Geoponics, Endurant turf pigment cleaner helps turfgrass managers so they can keep grass green and their equipment clean.

New: Endurant Equipment Cleaner

Endurant turf colorants are a mainstay in the toolbox of golf course superintendents, sod farmers, athletic field managers and others in the landscaping and agricultural businesses. So, it’s natural to get the best cleaner for the equipment after applying colorant.

This brand you can trust from Geoponics recently introduced their newest product in the Endurant line: Endurant Turf Pigment Cleaner. It’s quickly gaining popularity among golf course superintendents because it is so effective at cleaning machines while being completely non-toxic and affordable.

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After ensuring that grass is green for optimal play and TV-readiness using Endurant turf colorants, all the while minimizing the overuse of harsh chemicals and avoiding the practices of over-watering, the only thing to do next is to ensure the equipment remains clean.

After all, grass should be green– not the machines!

Endurant turf colorants and enhancers do not damage or affect the operation of the machines, but keeping the machines looking as good as new is easier than ever with the new Endurant turf colorant cleaner.

This equipment cleaner is so easy to use and non-toxic!

The cleaner is simple, fast and effective. It works like magic to wipe the green colorant away.

Geoponics recently introduced this new product that cleans not just colorant but also removes other stains from equipment.

Endurant Equipment Cleaner is all-natural, bio-based and has a neutral pH.

It is also safe for employees, safe for the environment and can be used in hand cleaning applications.

Endurant Turf Pigment Cleaner

Remove stains from mowers, tanks, spreaders and other equipment or areas where paints and pigments have lefts stains or discoloration.

Endurant Turf Pigment Cleaner makes it easy to wipe off turf paint, pigments and many other product residues, including yellow herbicide iron stains.

This is the ultimate cleaner for removing grease, grass, grime and other residues common to golf course maintenance, landscaping, sod farming, athletic field management and other agricultural uses.

Endurant Turf Pigment Cleaner is a new favorite for this turf colorant season because it’s super affordable, non-toxic and easy to use. Visit ShopGeoponics to order today!

Key features of Endurant Equipment Cleaner:

  • Non toxic
  • Rust inhibitor
  • Biodegradable
  • Emits zero VOCs
  • Miscible with water
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe for employees
  • Bio-based ingredients