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23 Aug

Summer heat and heavy rains require special attention from growers to produce and maintain thriving plants, including turfgrass.

If soil is getting drenched with rain and the water is left standing on the surface, a soil surfactant is needed. Soil surfactants get water moving through the soil profile to benefit not just the soil health, but also the root system and thus plant health.

Surviving a heat wave is made possible with Agriox for soil oxygen, Penterra for the fastest acting soil penetrant and Geoponics soil surfactants for water management.
The world’s fastest-acting soil penetrant combined with Agriox not only saves turf but keeps it gorgeous as experienced golf course superintendents know the tricks to survive heatwave conditions that if left unchecked can kill grass in minutes. Check out the gorgeous turf conditions at Hermitage Golf Course in VA where the turf survived and thrived a heatwave with Geoponics soil surfactants and soil oxygen. Penterra & Agriox save turf and careers!

Standing water, compacted soil and other related conditions are also contributing factors to summer stress caused not just by heat but also exacerbated by anaerobic soil. Agriox can help with such anaerobic conditions, providing time released oxygen needed for healthy plants and soil.

Heat, rain, humidity– these conditions require special solutions for growers and turfgrass managers.

Standing water and the challenges associated with heavy, frequent down pours can be mitigated using wetting agents, particularly Penterra and/or HydraHawk, along with Agriox.

Turfgrass managers and agricultural growers seeking to maintain healthy turfgrass and crops in climates such as the Florida summer depend on surfactants and the unique time-released soil oxygen provided by Agriox. Rather than the painstaking manual practice of aerating soil, Agriox can work quickly to add oxygen with other benefits for the soil.

Penterra, the fastest-acting soil surfactant on the market, gets water moving through the soil profile quickly, so golfers can get back in the game quickly after rain.

Agriox is another tool and the two work well together, as does HydraHawk for healthy turf and plants throughout a hot, humid summer. Turfgrass managers and users appreciate the effectiveness of these products as well as their natural elements, as HydraHawk is a soil surfactant made from fruit and vegetable extracts. If interested in OMRI growing check out Geoponics products as increasingly sustainable growing products continue to be added to the line– a commitment to the Earth that Geoponics has maintained since the beginning of the company.

Sales on these soil surfactants and Agriox products made for summer soil solutions continue through August and their benefits last much longer!

Contact your sales representative or Geoponics directly, 1-877-ECO-GROW, for sale prices that are based on large commercial volume.

Home users and smaller properties can also benefit. Check out ShopGeoponics.com for great rates, quantities and application methods produced especially for use on smaller properties.