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09 May

SoilPlex enriches soil giving plants the nutrition they need — while eliminating toxins.

With its humic and fulvic acids, SoilPlex also increases water infiltration and water-holding capacity in soil, making it a tool for growing the healthiest lawns, gardens and plants, while conserving water and fertilizer.

healthy soil
Healthy soil includes the humic and fulvic acids of SoilPlex to increase plant nutrition and decrease toxin intake.

What is SoilPlex?

SoilPlex is a natural humic acid derived from humate and has a natural carbon source. The most prominent and well-known benefit of SoilPlex is the increased nutrient uptake in plants.

SoilPlex is OMRI listed, meaning it’s 100 percent certified organic, and processed using strict guidelines to ensure the highest quality available. SoilPlex may be used as a soil amendment, foliar spray or fertilizer enhancer.

Being in liquid form, it is fast acting and highly effective at delivering humic acids deep into the soil and to the plant. In combination with fertilization, it allows the user to get the most out of their fertilization program and will reduce the amount of nutrients necessary to produce healthy plants.

Soil Applications

In the soil, SoilPlex’s humic and fulvic acids are important chelators, binding minerals into organic compounds that are more available to plants. SoilPlex’s humic and fulvic acids also tie up the soil’s toxins, making them less available to plants.

Toxins are increasingly common, as they have been accumulating in soil for many years, including from pesticides and heavy metals. These pollutants degrade the soil, and without remediation, degrade plant and crop health as well. SoilPlex helps to bind and lock up these toxic molecules.

Further, the humic acids from SoilPlex allow the nutrients provided by fertilizers to become accessible to plants, so money is not lost and plant health doesn’t suffer due to poorly absorbed fertilizer. In this way, SoilPlex increases the health of plants while benefiting growers economically.

Foliar Applications

Soil Plex increases nutrient uptake through foliar applications as well as through soil.

Paired with fulvic acids, humic acids are vital for increasing cell wall permeability in plants. When cell membranes become more permeable, nutrients can more easily enter through the plant, often carried by fulvic acids, which are particularly good chelators, or binders.

SoilPlex soil conditioner is organic certified through OMRIADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF SOILPLEX

  • SoilPlex is a Geoponics‘ product that is OMRI Listed® for organic growing through the Organic Materials Review Institute.
  • SoilPlex promotes healthy root growth as humic acid creates space for microbes. This is especially noticeable in high-clay and compacted soils, where soil particles are bound tightly together.
  • SoilPlex increases water retention by actually reducing evaporation by up to 30 percent.
  • Use of SoilPlex creates a healthy microbiome.
  • Humic and fulvic acids in SoilPlex perform similarly to the plant growth hormone Auxin, which promotes plant growth and root development, and results in improved plant health as well as increased production of fruits and vegetables.
  • SoilPlex will also increase and enhance microbial activity aiding in the maintenance of healthy aerobic soil profiles.
  • SoilPlex aggregates soil, reducing sodium build up.
  • Learn more from the SoilPlex PDF.

SoilPlex is ideal for use in:

• Hydro-Seeding  • Horticulture  • Hydroponics  • Ornamentals  • Home Gardens  • Vineyards  • Vegetables  • Turfgrass 
 • Green Houses  • Nurseries
 • Orchards  • Home Lawns  • Golf Courses


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Better Together

SoilPlex works even better when combined with FertaFlow and Carbotein. Learn more about why and how to use the three in combination for ideal growing conditions in an upcoming blog coming soon to GeoponicsCorp.com.