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10 May

Carbotein enhances plants’ natural growth hormones while providing excellent soil conditioner. Absorbed through foliar or root absorption, Carbotein provides a food source for naturally occurring microorganisms, all readily available to the plant. 

Carbotein grows vibrant garden
Carbotein grows lush, vibrant gardens.

Increasing fruit and vegetable yields while boosting the vibrancy of flowers, Carbotein is a must for healthy gardens and farms.

The mixture of organic vegetable extracts can be used alone as a nutrient source or combined with other fertilizer sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Carbotein can be used in both home garden and industrial agricultural settings without the hazards of toxic chemical intoxication to individuals, soil and the environment.

Carbotein for agricultural farms and home gardens
Carbotein is ideal for agricultural farms and home gardens

Apply Carbotein to the soil as a solution when watering plants through drip, spray or fertigation systems.

Whether on a farm, in a garden or on a lawn, plants that can benefit most from Carbotein include: a variety of crops, turfgrasses, ornamentals, fruit trees, vegetables and many others.

When yield matters, Carbotein is a go-to source for plant abundance.

Adding Carbotein to other fertilizer will increase the effectiveness of the fertilizer, optimizing root and plant growth.

Carbotein can easily and safely be mixed with other agricultural products for ease and convenience of application.

Carbotein for greener grass
Carbotein provides greener grass and vitality that growers and sod farmers love, increasing plant health while offering a boost of economic vitality.

Additional Benefits of Carbotein:

  • Environmentally beneficial
  • Enriches soil microbiome
  • Increases beneficial bacteria
  • Economical
  • Increases crop yields
  • Increases growth
  • Increases nutrient uptake and productivity in plants
  • High soluble carbohydrate and protein levels
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Loaded with minerals and vitamins

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Better Together

Carbotein works even better when combined with two other specific Geoponics‘ products, FertaFlow and SoilPlex. Learn more about why and how to use the three in combination for ideal growing conditions in an upcoming blog coming soon to GeoponicsCorp.com.

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