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04 Dec

Golf Course Superintendents share winter turf care tips on Twitter.

Turf frost delays prevented with PenterraMany greenkeepers and superintendents recently shared how they are preventing frost delays using Penterra.

The fastest-acting soil surfactant, Penterra, is also preventing damage to turf that can be caused by frost and dew. Players are pleased while superintendents jobs come with a bit more ease.

Tweeting from NJ about Penterra

Simon Rees, Assistant Superintendent at Trump National Golf Club in Colts Neck, New Jersey, recently took to Twitter, sharing how he prevents frost delays and turf damage with Penterra. He recently shared this photo with Geoponics on Twitter:

Tweeting from the UK about Penterra

Head Greenkeeper Mark Bewley also had great results with Penterra this November and December, taking his enthusiasm for the soil surfactant to Twitter with this tweet:

Bewley boasted in November how even two weeks after applying Penterra, he was still seeing great results with dew suppression in the early mornings. He tweeted:

U.S. customers may contact their sales representative or Geoponics, 1-877-ECO-GROW, info@geoponicscorp.com.

In the UK contact Prograss for Penterra, the fastest-acting soil surfactant for dew suppression and prevention of frost delays.

Turf frost delays prevented with PenterraAbout Penterra:

Professional Golf Course Superindents speak out about the amazing results they have obtained by using Penterra as a soil adjuvant and wetting agent.

From frost prevention, dew suppression, movement of water, localized dry spots, turf uniformity, golf tournament preparation, Penterra assists with water conservation in a environmentally sensitive way.

Get the fastest-acting soil surfactant, Penterra!

Check out more on www.TurfFrost.com and www.Penterra.net