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03 Dec

SoilGlue gives golf course superintendents a win in the battle of the bunkers.

SoilGlue Stabilizer and colorant for sand bunkers, soil stabilizer
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SoilGlue provides many benefits, paramount among them are stability, color, economy and longevity. This environmentally friendly soil stabilizer and colorant was created by Geoponics.

The process of keeping bunkers looking great starts with creating a crisp edge. Maintenance of the bunkers’ walls and edges is usually time-consuming and labor-intensive, but SoilGlue provides a solution that is earth-friendly, while saving time and money.

Let’s face it, bunker maintenance can be among the more formidable aspects of a golf course superintendent’s job.  Nonetheless it’s an unavoidable task in the role of the golf course superintendent. Geoponics created SoilGlue with the golf course superintendent in mind. This soil stabilizer with colorant extends the useful life of the bunkers’ sand, delaying costly replacement and minimizing maintenance.

SoilGlue aids in resisting excessive washing from bunker slopes due to irrigation, rain and wind.

White sands are beautiful, yet also create some maintenance challenges because they show contamination much more readily. The colorant in SoilGlue provides a high contrast visual appeal while preventing contamination of bunkers.

Bunker before SoilGlue
Bunker BEFORE SoilGlue


Bunker after SoilGlue
Bunker AFTER SoilGlue
SoilGlue soil, sand stability, color
Mixing SoilGlue to apply to sand bunkers at golf course, providing earth-friendly stability and color.

SoilGlue is easy to use. It is applied by spraying the earth-friendly solution on the exposed sand of the soil bunkers’ edges, thereby improving soil stability. It reduces erosion of exposed sand and soil on the edge of golf course bunkers. SoilGlue is also used in other applications where rock hard stability is needed.

SoilGlue permeates and binds soil particles in the bunker to stop contamination of valuable sand. SoilGlue eliminates erosion, stabilizes the bunker faces and can enhance the effectiveness of the drainage system. SoilGlue binds and stabilizes soils, sand and aggregates by gluing them together. Once applied, contaminants, such as stones, cannot migrate up from the bunker cavity contaminating the critical bunker sand.

Like Geoponics’ other products, SoilGlue is environmentally safe. Geoponics provides solutions to golf course superintendents, lawn and landscape professionals, sports & athletic field operators, municipalities, agricultural workers, schools and home users.


  • Improves soil stability
  • Improves adhesion
  • Provides lasting color
  • Improves aesthetics and playability
  • Decreases bunker maintenance costs
  • Decreases bunker maintenance labor
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Increases bunker durability
  • Increases longevity of bunker
  • Prevents bunker collapse
  • Prevents degradation
  • Prevents and decreases erosion
  • Is easy to apply
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