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05 Jun

“I started using Carbotein this past winter because I was looking for a product to increase root mass. The greens look as good now as they ever have, and the roots are deep and a healthy white, so it has done just what I wanted it to.

We recently completed our spring aerification, and that was when we really could see an impact. Within three days of punching 5/8″ holes in them, the greens looked like they’d been done for a week, and after ten days you couldn’t hardy tell we’d pulled cores at all.

My assistant says this is the quickest he’s ever seen either bermuda or bent heal back, and he’s been in the business for close to a dozen years.

I can say for a fact this is the fastest we’ve seen recovery here, and my fertility program was the same as it’s always been except for the Carbotein. I believe it’s all the extra energy the plant had available to it that’s made the difference. It has helped even out my growth as well, and is affordable to use, so I’ve made it a regular part of my program.”

Nicklaus Lentz
Golf Course Superintendent
Raleigh Golf Association

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