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09 Jun

East Meets West: Fertizona Becomes Geoponics’ First West Coast Master Distributor


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East Meets West: Fertizona Becomes Geoponics’ First West Coast Master Distributor

Grass Just Got Greener: Offering Full Coverage Endurant Turf Colorant Across the U.S.

July 2020 – West coast-based Fertizona and East coast-based Geoponics have joined forces. Together, Endurant turf colorants become more available than ever, coast to coast. Fertizona is the first master distributor of Geoponics’ Endurant. Other distributors will work with Fertizona to offer Endurant and colorant expertise in New Mexico, Arizona and California.
Fertizona and Geoponics have a long history of serving the turf grass industry. Together, they will help more turf managers avoid the pitfalls of overwatering, over-fertilizing and an over-reliance on harsh chemicals. Endurant helps golf courses, as well as lawn and landscape professionals, save money while getting consistent green coverage.
“We’ll get to share what we’ve learned over the past 10 years using colorants in a wide range of applications, from the mom and pop, municipal courses, to HDTV-televised golf tournaments,” said Jennifer Seevers, of Geoponics turf colorant division.

Grass Is Always Greener with Fertizona & Geoponics

Florida-based Geoponics is known for its natural-looking, cost-effective turf colorants in its Endurant line. Fertizona, based in Arizona, is a name synonymous with quality turf products and service, helping the agriculture, golf, nursery, lawn and landscape industries for more than 35 years.
Together, these companies provide a powerhouse of turf care products—now providing more service to Arizona, New Mexico and California than ever before to assist while these areas experience more water shortages, restrictions and costs.
“Having the Endurant products in a superintendent’s program is a great ace in the hole,” said Nick Lubich, of Fertizona’s golf and turf management division.
Lubich added, “Endurant is a cost-effective alternative to overseed, or when used in combination with overseed, and helps to handle whatever Mother Nature might throw at a property during the year causing turf to lose color. Plus, the wow effect always plays.”

Looking Ahead: Addressing the Water & Soil Challenges of the Western U.S.

This growing partnership makes Endurant more available. Now, Endurant spans the country from Geoponics’ East Coast base to Fertizona’s West Coast base of the United States.
“Due to droughts in the West and the costs of water and grass seed on the rise, I feel the potential for the Endurant products in the turf and landscape market is unlimited,” said Cory Scherting, Fertizona’s turf and landscape sales manager.
“Endurant is a fantastic tool for turf managers to use in their management plan and to help them with their budgets,” Scherting added.
Fertizona will offer the golf courses, landscapers, athletic fields and residential areas of New Mexico, Arizona and California an opportunity to achieve consistently vibrant green turf grass. Meanwhile, users are addressing water management and budgetary needs using Endurant.
Many California, New Mexico and Arizona turf experts have been enjoying the benefits of Geoponics products and Fertizona’s services for years. Now, with the exclusive master distributorship, Geoponics’ Endurant products and turf colorant expertise will be available more readily than ever before.

Turfgrass Managers Talk Benefits

Mike Gracie, Golf Course Superintendent of Redlands Country Club in California, has been a long time user of Endurant. He is a client of both companies.
“The products are topnotch and the service is first rate,” said Gracie. “I’m excited to receive in California that same support from Jennifer Seevers and Nick Lubich that I’d received at Desert Mountain,” he added.
Colorants aren’t one-size or one-shade fits all. So, one of the best aspects of Endurant is that it comes in multiple shades. Another benefits is that they can be adaptable to different species of grass, specific uses and desired outcomes, said Gracie.
“There are no better colorants and pigments on the market. Endurant is the most realistic because it can be personalized. The Endurant is key to keeping turf green longer. As people overseed less and less, green is what’s needed. Green sells golf. It sells houses. And, it keeps things looking nice,” said Gracie.
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For more information about Geoponics products and services available through Fertizona, contact Nick Lubich, 602-402-1098 or by email at nlubich@fertizona.com . Or, for Geoponics, contact Jennifer Seevers at 843-450-0210 or by email at jseevers@geoponicscorp.com .
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