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21 Mar

Endurant turf colorants come in  multiple shades of green and multiple concentrations. The Endurant line of colorants are formulated to match the most popular varieties of turfgrass species, including bermuda grass, perennial rye grass and others. All of the Endurant blends are highly concentrated. Endurant is often referred to as “liquid overseed” by golf course superintendents who prefer Endurant over the practice of overseeding, over-watering and over-fertilizing.

How to paint turf: Select a shade of Endurant turf colorant
Endurant turf colorants are made of organic pigments that come in five shades of green to match the most popular turfgrass varieties. Left to right: Endurant TC, Endurant Premium, Endurant PR, Endurant FW, Endurant TE

Endurant TC, the original blend of turf colorant is formulated to match the widely popular species of bermuda grass. Endurant FW is an even more highly concentrated blend of organic pigments to provide the deep green associated with golf course fairways. Endurant Premium, the deepest green formulation of turf colorant, and Endurant PR, for a bright perennial rye grass, are two other options in the Endurant line. Especially unique is Endurant TE, the turf enhancer colorant that is formulated for actively growing grass.

Check out these recent photos of various Endurant FW application rates to help guide your decision in colorant and rates

Once you’ve selected Endurant FW as the shade of green you desire, you will want to select the best application rate. Learn more about how to paint for professionals here. When considering the application rate, the desired depth of color is the most important element to consider. The depth of color will be obtained by the combination of the colorant and the amount of green pigment in the grass blade if the grass is not in dormancy and is still providing green through chlorophyl and the photosynthesis process. A higher application rate might be considered for dormant turf that is lacking green color and is instead completely brown or straw-like yellow.

Check out these photos of Endurant FW applied at various rates at golf courses in Naples, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida. Both of these clubs are located in south Florida, with Naples on the west coast of the state and West Palm Beach on the east coast of Florida. Endurant FW is highly concentrated for the deep green sought for fairways.

Endurant FW in Florida


Endurant FW application rates
Endurant FW applied at the rate of 1 gallon per acre and sprayed in two directions to avoid streaking.
Endurant FW application rates
Endurant FW applied in two directions.
Endurant FW application rates
Endurant FW applied at the rate of 1 gallon per acre and applied in two directions for optimally even coverage without streaks.
Endurant FW application rates
Endurant FW applied in two directions at the rate of 1 gallon per acre.
Endurant FW application rates
Endurant FW, highly concentrated turf colorant formulated for the deep green of bermuda grass fairways applied at the rate of 2 gallons per acre at West Palm Beach Country Club in Florida.