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25 Feb

Pinehurst Seminar in February offers demonstrations and samples of Endurant turf colorants

USGA Green Section sponsored a workshop at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina that brought together experts in turf colorants. Several of the most experienced golf course superintendents shared how they used colorants, particularly for fairways.

In his recent blog, Carolina Greenkeeper shared his thoughts about the trip to the Pinehurst Colorant Seminar with Assistant Superintendent Ben Albrecht. Here is what he had to say (then, read the rest of his blog here):

“It was a great opportunity for us to see first hand and learn tips and techniques from guys that have been doing it better for longer (this is year two of coloring fairways at Carolina).  Anyway, I found the workshop to be very informative and hopefully you will notice improved results in future applications as we continue to strive for high standards.”  Read the rest of the GREENKEEPER blog: click here.

Pinehurst Demo showcasing Endurant TC
Endurant TC is featured as a turf colorant used among top golf course management professionals at a seminar held at Pinehurst Resort in February. Certified Golf Course Greenkeeper MatthewWharton shared this photo taken at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina of Endurant TC applied at hole 15, course No.2.
Pinehurst demo shows off Endurant TC
More views from the Pinehurst Turf Colorant Seminar hosted by the USGA Green Section photo shared by Matthew Wharton, CGC Greenkeeper. Pictured is Endurant TC applied to hole no. 14, course no.2 at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.
Pinehurst Demo showcases Endurant Turf Colorant at seminar
USGA SE Region Agronomist Patrick O’Brien shares general principles of applying turf colorants to fairways during the Pinehurst seminar held in February.
Demo at Pinehurst shows off Endurant TC on the golf course
Demo of Endurant turf colorant at Pinehurst Resort. Photo by Gantt Martin.


Pinehurst Seminar highlights also included:

  • Pat O’Brien, USGA SE Region Agronomist, sharing benefits of applying turf colorants rather than relying only on overseeding. O’Brien shared general principles on turf colorants applied to fairways.
  • Golf Course Superintendents Kevin Robinson and John Jeffreys shared their trends of using colorants at Pinehurst Resort.
  • Tom Reardon of Geoponics shared the chemistry and composition of colorants. (Learn more here.)
  • Rob Vaughan of Brunswick Plantation, NC, shared tips on setting up a sprayer for applying turf colorants.
  • Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Mack shared the trends of colorants used at Country Club of Landfall.
  • Dr. Steve Kammerer, the USGA SE Region Director, shared the use of colorants on semi-dormant turf as seen throughout the southern U.S.
  • Geoponics enjoyed the opportunity to provide demonstrations of colorants while also viewing new sprayer technology.
  • Information about Endurant turf colorant, the colorant preferred by golf course professionals for years.