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17 Feb

In true color:

Carolina greenkeeper keeps course green with Endurant

Carolina Golf Club was “biscuit brown” this January, said Matthew Wharton, CGCS (Certified Golf Course Superintendent). Carolina Golf Club is a private golf club located in Charlotte, NC. The bermudagrass quickly went into dormancy following a winter cold snap.

Wharton shared in a recent Greenkeeper blog why he chooses to use “liquid overseed,” Endurant turf colorant. Agronomics and better play topped his list this winter, although other benefits of Endurant turf colorant are noted.

In a recent blog, Wharton wrote:

The goal being to absorb some UV radiation and hopefully enhance the survival of the turf and natural green-up come spring!

Cold weather drained the color out of the bermudagrass turf, specifically temperatures in the low 20’s (Fahrenheit) in mid-January, Wharton said.

Carolina Greenkeeper winter Endurant
Carolina Golf Club gets its color back after cold winter weather using Endurant TC. The colorant will help with earlier spring green-up while providing easier playability immediately with added color contrast on the golf course.

Wharton describes the photos, which he Tweeted and shared in a recent blog he writes:

We were once again “biscuit brown,” as my good friend Tony Nysse (Golf Course Superintendent, Old Marsh Golf Club, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) would say! Look closely at the upper left photo captioned Jan 11. Since last year’s experiment with coloring fairways was well received (seems most of you prefer some color contrast in order to provide definition of the golf hole), we initiated applications Monday of a turf paint from Geoponics (Endurant TC) to green things back up quickly.

Greenkeeper keeps it green with Endurant

BEFORE: Not-so green & hard to find the target

Greenkeeper Endurant untreated before photo
Before: Biscuit brown grass at a Carolina Golf Course makes targets hard to find and can increase chances of winter kill. (Photo from Greenkeeper Wharton, CGCS, North Carolina)

AFTER: Greenkeeper keeps it green with Endurant for better play, visibility and aesthetics with added agronomic benefits of earlier spring time green-up

After photo: Greenkeeper brings green back to golf course
After: Back to green. Carolina Greenkeeper uses Endurant turf colorant for better playability, visibility & turf health.