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22 Jan

Despite attempts to popularize brown grass, turfgrass professionals find a continued demand for green grass. Homeowners agree that a green lawn beats a dead, brown lawn.

Brown is not the new green

Well-meaning attempts to make brown grass popular in the face of drought and water restrictions are not holding up to time. Turfgrass professionals are noting that golf course users, homeowners and others are still seeking green grass. So, turfgrass professionals, including landscapers, golf course superintendents and others are finding ways to still minimize water usage while also maintaining green grass.

Endurant turf colorants are the most popular alternative found among professionals and homeowners alike. Endurant provides a natural looking green grass that lasts for as long as three months or even longer depending upon the rate grass is growing, frequency of mowing and other factors. Endurant provides another option for conserving water and maintaining water restriction rules while also getting gorgeous green grass.

Champions Tour at Desert Mountain uses Endurant organic turf colorant
The world’s top players expect a gorgeous, highly playable green course & they get it with Endurant.

The solution of using Endurant lawn paint comes about as homes with brown lawns sit for months longer on the real estate market than properties with green grass. When homes with dry, dead, brown lawns do eventually sell, the sales prices are as much as 10 percent less on average. (Read more in this blog and in this real estate article.)

Whether grass is brown due to drought, seasonal dormancy or other conditions, athletic professionals, advertisers, players and others also have an expectation for grass that is green. Turfgrass professionals continue turning to Endurant turf colorants to provide TV-ready turf for golf, baseball, football, horse races and other spectator sports.

Golf courses and horse race tracks benefit not only aesthetically but also in providing contrast to improve the game or race.

Brown is not the new green for home lawns
Home owners and buyers agree that brown is not the new green when it comes to curb appeal.

Professionals and home users agree: Brown is not the new green

From the high end well known users such as PGA Champions Tour leader Shawn Emersen, director of agronomy at Desert Mountain Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, to the smaller home lawn user, brown is not the new green.

“Green is an absolutely important color in golf,” Emerson has said.

Emerson shared why he chooses Endurant for the Champions Tours:

In today’s golf course management, people are using less fertilizer, less seed and less water. Endurant has allowed us to do that and maintain the color they want.

I have left some of my golf courses without overseed and without paint in the past. People don’t like it because it’s not green. Green is an absolute important color in golf.

Endurant allows us to cut back on fertilizer, seed and water and still get the thicker look of rye grass. – See more at: https://www.geoponicscorp.com/2014/11/13/turf-talk-emerson-shares-champions-tour-preparation-endurant-turf-paint/#sthash.RCB7pszl.dpuf

Green grass can be maintained affordably and with respect for the environment. Endurant turf colorants provide an affordable, reliable alternative to the old practices of over-watering, over-fertilizing and over-seeding.

As Emersen and others have said: Brown is not the new green. Green grass is back and here to stay.

Endurant ingredients reveal Endurant turf colorant logo




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