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20 Aug

OMRI Listed® for organic growing: FertaFlow soil conditioner joins list of products with Organic Materials Review Institute


FertaFlow is the newest of the Geoponics products to become OMRI Listed® for organic growing through the Organic Materials Review Institute. FertaFlow joins Geoponics growing number of OMRI Listed® products for gardens, lawns, landscapes, ponds and athletic fields.


OMRI lists FertaFlow as certified organic soil conditioner
Now: OMRI Listed® for organic growing


Fertaflow is made from fresh fish carefully processed at low temperature to maintain the integrity of natural occurring amino acids, vitamins, hormones and enzymes. Fertaflow’s fish hydrolysate contains the natural oils and proteins of fish, which break down slowly and remain available to soil microbes over a longer period of time than chemical fertilizers or fish emulsions.

Produces strong and beautiful flowers, deep green turf, and delicious fruits and vegetables

  • Produces strong and beautiful flowers, deep green turf, and delicious fruits and vegetables
  • Promotes the growth of soil microorganisms, will not stripe or burn
  • Efficient for use with spray or drip irrigation systems
  • Cold processed to preserve nutrients with no fishy odor
  • Environmentally Friendly  Biodegradable product

If you want organic plants and foods, start with organic soil.

Learn more about OMRI Listed® FertaFlow fish fertilizer on www.FertaFlow.com Order and inquire at 1-877-ECO-GROW. Online shopping cart coming this August 2014. www.ShopGeoponics.com

Now Certified Organic FertaFlow soil conditioner gets organic certification through OMRI

OMRI independently reviews products, supporting growers’, manufacturers’ and suppliers’ organic integrity by listing products that meet their stringent standards for use in organic production, handling and processing.

OMRI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1997 that also provides technical support and training for professionals in the organic industry. Check us on the OMRI products list here.