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05 Apr

5 Ingredients to Enjoy a Green Lawn Now

Get a Green Lawn Instantly and a Healthy Lawn that Lasts with this Easy Recipe for Home Lawns and Perfect Lawn Protocol for Landscapers

Geoponics offers all you need for a green lawn. This Green Lawn Recipe includes just five ingredients and will provide a green lawn instantly and then continue improving the lawn’s health. Whether a home owner looking to get an edge on a healthier, greener, more lush lawn or a landscaper looking to do the same for their clients, this is a recipe for success.

Geoponics Green Lawn Recipe for Home Owners

The Perfect Lawn Protocol for Landscapers

The ingredients you need for the Green Lawn Recipe (and Perfect Lawn Protocol):

  • Endurant Turf Colorant (Learn how to select the best color for your turfgrass species) either Perennial Rye for warm season or Premium for bermuda and cool season.
  • Duration (or another wetting agent by Geoponics to break surface tension and allow plants/ grass to better uptake water)
  • Terrain (a Grizzly Foliar fertilizer that adds nitrogen, iron and other foliar nutrients. Call 1-877-ECO-GROW to order)
  • SoilPlex (a powerful, organic, OMRI listed for organic growing, plant-based soil conditioner with humic and fulvic acids that acts like a liquid compost plus chelator for locking away toxins in soil while increasing nutrient uptake)
  • Water. Mix the above four ingredients with water.
  • OPTIONAL: If you already use a granular fertilizer, you may continue using it.
Geoponics Green Lawn Recipe for home owners and Perfect Lawn Protocol for landscapers colorant, foliar, surfactant, humic acid, carbon

Details About Each Ingredient

Selecting the Endurant Turf Colorant

First, select an Endurant turfgrass colorant to add to the mix. The main reason here is to enjoy instant gratification with color enhancement. In the example we show, we are applying Endurant Perennial Rye Turf Colorant at a relatively low rate to St. Augustine. The grass is growing, so the paint won’t last as long as when added to fully brown, dormant turf. Still, getting a splash of instant color feels great and is well worth it at a relatively low rate of just .75 ounces per gallon (or 32 oz per 5,000 to 7,000 square feet).

Endurant Perennial Rye as used here on St. Augustine, also works well with Zoysia and other warm season grasses. For cool season grasses and bermudagrass, consider Endurant Flex.

For other options, including help determining your grass species, review this webpage to help select the best colorant. This resource will also answer other turf colorant questions you may have. Keep in mind, you can’t go wrong when selecting a color of green grass as long as you like it. It’s a matter of preference. The Endurant turf paints are all toned for natural, lasting color.

(Buy Endurant Turf Paint on ShopGeoponics or through our distributors nationwide. Call 1-877-ECO-GROW or 239-261-6500 to order this whole Perfect Lawn Protocol or Green Lawn Recipe.)

Add a Geoponics Wetting Agent: Duration

Adding a wetting agent assists with water uptake. Wetting agents and soil surfactants assist in water distribution and uptake of nutrients too. For our example, Duration is a highly economical wetting agent and soil surfactant. It is preferable because it will not burn grass the way some other powerful surfactants can as they can be easily under-diluted or left on the leaf blade too long (such as with Penterra, the fastest-acting soil penetrant used by agronomists). For other soil surfactants and wetting agents, you may consider Humawet (to add some extra humic acid) or HydraHawk (made of plants for plants) as substitutes for Duration in your Green Lawn Recipe or Green Lawn Protocol. However, we do recommend Duration for most purposes.

The Main Ingredient: Grizzly Terrain Adds Foliar Nutrition for the Lush, Green Lawn

When looking to add growth, thickness and color to a lawn, Terrain is the best choice in Geoponics’ Grizzly Foliar line.

The main ingredient in this recipe is the Grizzly Terrain (NPK 14:2:2) with 4% iron. Terrain’s nitrogen promotes growth and thickness. Meanwhile, Terrain’s iron promotes lasting color.

Purchase Grizzly Terrain by calling 1-877-ECO-GROW. Coming soon to ShopGeoponics.com

SoilPlex: The Carbon Source That’s Rich in Humic & Fulvic Acid

Also, we have added SoilPlex, a carbon source rich in humic and fulvic acids optimizing nutrition and water uptake. SoilPlex is OMRI listed for organic growing. It’s great for lawns and gardens. SoilPlex improves soil health long term. It’s been described like having a ready-made, liquid compost.

How Much of Each Ingredient?

Like any recipe, how much you make depends upon how many people being served or in this case how many square feet or acres of grass. All instructions are on each label. However, as an example, to cover an approximate 5,000 to 7,000 square foot area, mix:

  • 1.5 ounces of Grizzly Terrain foliar fertilizer per gallon (or 64 ounces in a 30 gallon mix)
  • Just .75 ounces of Duration wetting agent (or 32 ounces in a 30 gallon mix)
  • .75 ounces of SoilPlex for humic acid and carbon source (or 32 ounces in a 30 gallon mix)
  • .75 ounces of Endurant Perennial Rye turf colorant for St. Augustine and zoysia (or other colorant depending on grass species with 32 ounces total in a 30 gallon mix)
  • Mix with water to make a total mix of approximately 30 gallons.

Green Lawn Recipe Notes or Green Lawn Protocol Highlights:

  • Make smaller or larger batches as needed for spray equipment available and for area to cover.
  • Substitutions can be used for Endurant Perennial Rye turf colorant based on “taste” or color preference, such as using Endurant Premium or Flex for bermuda and cool season grasses.
  • Substitute Humawet for Duration for extra humic acid or stick with Duration for economy, as desired.
  • Call 1-877-ECO-GROW or 239-261-6500 to order the Green Lawn Recipe for home owners or Green Lawn Protocol for lawn care and landscape professionals. (Consider 32 ounce sizes for most home lawns and 5 gallon sizes for pros, depending on clients served.)
  • Enjoy green grass immediately!
  • Continue to enjoy the grass getting lusher, thicker, fuller and greener as the foliar fertilizer, SoilPlex and wetting agent improve plant health.

Overview of Geoponics Green Lawn Recipe:

The Perfect Lawn Protocol

For as little as $5 per 1,000 square feet (or less for commercial scale purchases) this Green Lawn Recipe turned a home lawn with patchy hot spots of St. Augustine into an evenly green, healthy-looking lawn instantly. Plus, it continues to add vitality and nourishment. So, the lawn continues to grow more lush, thick and green within days after application and lasting for weeks.

The Grizzly Terrain was soaked into the leaf blade within five hours, boosting the plant nutrition quickly. The Endurant colorant enhanced the color instantly. The Duration is continuing to increase water uptake. After being absorbed on the plant, the surfactant washed into the soil, further helping to breakdown surface tension and get water dispersed evenly through soil. This is helpful anytime of year and especially during a dry, windy time season common in Florida’s spring. The SoilPlex increased nutrient uptake and continues to improve plant and soil health, adding carbon as well as humic and fulvic acids. To learn more about why SoilPlex is a powerful, organic, OMRI-listed product preferred by gardeners and landscapers, read this blog.

Buy the Perfect Lawn Protocol: Geoponics Green Lawn Recipe

Contact your rep or call 1-877-ECO-GROW or 239-261-6500 to order. Ask for the Perfect Lawn Protocol (product prices are optimal for professionals in large quantities, including gallon and 5 gallon sizes of each) or for the smaller home user, ingredients in the Green Lawn Recipe is available in economical and easy to handle 32 ounce and 1 gallon sizes.