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24 Apr

ViroFense, a new hand sanitizer and surface cleaner in one, is filling dire needs amidst shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic. As hand sanitizer became a scarcity, Geoponics recognized a need. The Naples-based company introduced ViroFense, a unique hand sanitizer and surface cleaner in one. Geoponics has been serving the golf course industry, as well as lawn and landscape, farm and agricultural businesses around the world, since 2006.

ViroFense hand sanitizer and surface cleaner
ViroFense hand sanitizer and surface cleaner

Many of the golf courses, which remained open in some areas of the world and closed in others, have been running low on supplies, especially pandemic staples, such as hand sanitizer, a critical item to keep their members and staff safe.

“Thank you for making this available,” lauded Brian Beckner, a former golf course superintendent and small business owner in Southwest Florida. “It was hard to find this stuff anywhere,” he added.

ViroFense is safe enough for hands and strong enough for surfaces

ViroFense filled a need of getting more sanitizer into people’s hands, and providing an easy to use surface cleaner. Being safe enough for use on hands and strong enough for use on surfaces makes ViroFense incredibly convenient during the pandemic. Hands and surfaces are constantly needing to be washed to assure Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria are washed away.

ViroFense is alcohol free hand santizer

Because ViroFense is alcohol free, it will not dry hands. ViroFense will not cause the chapping and irritation that alcohol-based hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing can cause. Unlike flammable alcohol-based sanitizers, ViroFense is also safer to store and transport.

Just spray your hands with ViroFense and then massage hands clean of germs. Then ViroFense can be used on surrounding surfaces that may be contaminated.  Apply ViroFense just about anywhere including door handles, faucets, steering wheels and other high traffic areas without fuss.

Because ViroFense requires no water, it can be more convenient for faster and more frequent usage at home, in the car or where ever you go.

Golf courses can use ViroFense on golf carts, in the Pro Shop and in other common areas.

ViroFense is pleasant for people sensitive to odors

ViroFense has a light citrus smell. This makes ViroFesne a particularly pleasant choice of cleaner and sanitizer for people who are sensitive to odors. Unlike harsh sanitizers, like bleach or cleaners with heavy fragrance, ViroFense does not have a noxious odor.

ViroFense hand sanitizer and surface cleaner label
ViroFense hand sanitizer and surface cleaner label

ViroFense lasts longer than most hand sanitizers

Also, ViroFense remains on surfaces for protection after use. Unlike alcohol, which quickly evaporates, ViroFense provides a protective barrier for hours after application.

Economical as surface cleaner as well as for hand sanitizer

Whether for commercial or business use, ViroFense is highly economical. ViroFesne comes in large quantities of 16 ounce bottles, gallon jugs and in cases. Buy ViroFense for yourself today and send to friends and family to keep them safe. Visit ViroFense.com. Discounts on bulk purchases are available through Geoponics distributors or contacting Geoponics directly, 1-877-ECO-GROW (1-877-326-4769).