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24 Jul

Heavy rains can cost golf courses hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Some of those losses can be prevented using Penterra. Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market. This is a wetting agent, with other long term soil health benefits, that gets water moving through the soil profile quickly.

Penterra can be applied in advance of heavy rains that are predictable or likely given weather forecasts. If or when flooding does occur, Penterra can also be applied once flood waters recede just enough.

Penterra can help prevent the damage caused to turf and the negative effects of traffic on soggy soil.

Penterra improves soil, root health as well as provides the fastest acting soil penetrant action on the market.
Penterra MOVES water quickly. Penterra also helps to improve root systems and soil health. FILE PHOTO: After using Penterra in 2014, Superintendent Dave Camden Bonaventure
Country Club, Ventura, Fla. shows the healthier root system.

There are numerous soil surfactants and wetting agents on the market and yet golf course superintendents agree that Penterra is by far the most unique in helping to move water quickly.

Penterra is also a tool used in winter to help prevent frost delays and frost damage. When applied in advance of a frost, Penterra is particularly effective. It helps golf course superintendents and golfers avoid game delays and the damage to turf that can be caused by frost and caused by traffic on the course.

Penterra is ultra-concentrated. A little goes a very long way! It is truly unlike any other surfactant or penetrant because of this level of effectiveness.

It is beneficial for compacted soil, clay soil and hardpan.

Penterra is dubbed the “rain drain” by professionals, including golf course superintendents, sod farmers, landscapers, lawn maintenance managers, athletic and sports field management crews, municipal workers maintaining parks and medians as well as race track operators and others.

Penterra can save the day when mud is not an option but rain is coming. It is great during wet or flood seasons. It is also a perfect tool to have in the winter tool box for golf course superintendents and athletic field managers due to its frost damage and delay prevention qualities.

Penterra is affordable for use on home lawns as well as on huge areas. Check out Penterra.net, buy at ShopGeoponics.com or contact Geoponics at 1-877-ECO-GROW to purchase larger quantities.