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12 Jan

A picture is worth a thousand words

Before and after photos of Endurant turf colorant on golf courses, home lawns and athletic fields show the superior, natural results provided by Endurant.

Turfgrass professionals and homeowners also share that beyond having the best looking turf, they also save money, water, fertilizer and harsh chemical usage.

Before and after photos of Endurant lawn paint:

California Drought Lawn Picasso Endurant organic colorants ProEdge emissions free sprayer
Before: Multi-million dollar homes are losing curb appeal due to drought and water restrictions throughout California during a record drought.
California drought doesn't have to mean brown lawns or high water bills
After: Brown grass goes green using Endurant turf colorant. Lawn Picasso, a California-based lawncare company, uses Endurant turf colorant to provide natural, gorgeous green grass while saving clients’ money and water. Curb appeal is instantly restored.


Golf courses have been using Endurant turf colorant for years. Endurant comes in a variety of shades to match a wide variety of the most popular turfgrass species including the deep green of bermuda grasses and the brighter green of perennial rye grasses.

Endurant provides golf courses with a better priced practice than overseed while providing golfers with the quality look and game experience they expect. The high contrast of the Endurant turf colorant during turf dormancy provides for a more pleasurable game. Endurant looks much like overseeded, over-fertilized and over-watered turfgrass but is attained more quickly, at a lower cost and with fewer negative environmental effects.

Before and after photos of Endurant on the golf course:

Before and after pics: Endurant provides golf courses with the look of overseed more quickly, at lower cost and without the harmful environmental effects of over-watering and over-fertilizing.
Before and after pics: Endurant turf colorant continues to be a favorite for golf courses