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01 Dec

WinField now offers Geoponics products for eco-friendly professional solutions for turfgrass WinField now distributes Geoponics eco-friendly products to growers and property managers throughout North America. The recent partnering of Naples, Fla.-based Geoponics with WinField as a distributor brings earth-friendly products to a growing market of growers and landscape managers looking for the most sustainable means to maintain the healthiest plants while also experiencing a cost-savings.

Geoponics will now be available to more growers, farmers and turfgrass managers throughout North America than ever before. Winfield serves agriculture and specialty markets in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Winfield serves farmers, golf courses, sports turf, lawn, landscape, ornamental, pest control, aquatics and vegetation management markets, among others.

Geoponics now offered through WinField, newest North American distributor of Geoponics eco-friendly productsThis partnerships between Geoponics and WinField as a distributor combines to create a huge positive environmental impact, potentially dramatically reducing water demands and the use of fertilizers and harsh chemicals throughout North America by putting better products and solutions into the hands of growers, maintenance professionals and property managers.

Geoponics provides eco-friendly, sustainable products for the turf, lawn and landscape, as well as aquatic industries. Sod growers, golf course managers, lawn maintenance professionals, among others, find eco-friendly cost-savings with Geoponics line of products. These include Endurant turf colorant, soil surfactants, and OMRI listed products for organic growing through the Organic Materials Review Institute. Geoponics provides growers and landscape professionals with new solutions for growing the healthiest possible plants, including turfgrass.

TurfPaint.net EndurantGeoponics products combine cost-savings, environmental stewardship, plant health and aesthetics to provide the best of all worlds to the users. Geoponics provides solutions that do not require the users to compromise cost and environmental ethics.

Geoponics products include the increasingly popular and long-used in the turfgrass industry, Endurant turf colorants. Endurant turf colorants are made with organic pigments and present huge water savings in the maintenance of home lawns, golf courses and other turfgrass areas. Endurant has become the best alternative to old practices of over-seeding, over-watering and over-fertilizing– these all added up also to over-spending. Endurant is providing sod growers and turfgrass mangers with a means to provide the healthiest, best-looking turfgrass while spending less and preserving water and the environment.

GeoponicsOMRI listed FertaFlow from Geoponics products also include a line of soil surfactants, including Penterra, the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market. Geoponics surfactants also provide significant water savings to users. The efficient use of water creates healthier, better-looking plants while saving money for growers and property managers. Geoponics is driven not only to provide solutions to each individual customer and client, but also to provide solutions that sustain the planet and a healthy environment.

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