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09 Feb

Geoponics is grateful for the USGA turf colorant seminar held today, Monday, Feb. 9. The USGA Turf Colorant Seminar featured pioneers in turf colorant while showcasing best golf course maintenance practices with turfgrass painting professionals during the event held at Country Club of Landfall in Wilmington, NC.

Endurant Turf Paint USGA Turf Colorant Seminar
Mixing up Endurant organic turf paint at the USGA Turf Colorant Seminar. Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Mack of Country Club of Landfall demonstrates the use of applying Endurant on a fairway.

Speakers at the USGA-sponsored event included Tom Reardon sharing the organic chemistry behind Geoponics Endurant organic turf paint; Rob Vaughan, the very first in the world to use Endurant turf paint on his fairways at Brunskwick Plantation many, many years ago and gaining so much turf paint experience that he is now dubbed “Dr. Paint“; Pinehurst Resorts’ Kevin Robinson, who uses Endurant turf colorant on all nine golf courses at Pinehurst, and other amazing turf and golf leaders at the event.

(Read Robinson’s take on the benefits of Endurant as of several years ago here and how Endurant got Pinehurst through a tough winter to remain TV ready for the U.S. Open here.)

Country Club of Landfall currently uses Endurant and took the chance at the USGA Turf Colorant Seminar today to demonstrate to attendees the use of Endurant on a golf course fairway.

USGA Turf Colorant Seminar: From all overseed to all turf paint

Interestingly, Pinehurst Resorts, as of five years ago, overseeded wall to wall on their properties. This year, there will be zero overseeding. Instead, Pinehurst, home of the U.S. Open and other major events, is painting all nine courses using Endurant organic turf colorant. The switch makes sense economically, agronomically and in every other way, Pinehurst officials have shared.

Geoponics is grateful for the USGA hosting this event. The USGA Turf Colorant Seminar assists in raising awareness about the benefits and alternatives offered by turf colorant in this powerful series of speakers and presenters. Geoponics was proud to have the opportunity to demonstrate how to apply turf colorant, and, specifically, to demonstrate Endurant organic turf colorant at the USGA Turf Colorant Seminar.

Geoponics is also grateful for Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Mack at Country Club of Landfall in Wilmington, NC for being the host.

More photos from the USGA Turf Colorant Seminar here and on Twitter:

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