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18 Oct

Soil moisture management is key to healthy turf and plants. Soil surfactants provide the answer. Whether you need to hold water in dry times or need to move water when it’s too wet, the desired outcome is the same: even distribution of moisture throughout the root zone. Turfgrass maintenance professionals have the Geoponics line of soil surfactants available for any condition to best manage soil moisture.

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How do you know which of the soil surfactants, wetting agents or penetrants are right for you? View the Soil Surfactants One Page Guide for selecting the best practice and product for your conditions.

Do you want to MOVE WATER? Soil surfactants for you:

Penterra www.Penterra.net  MOVE water

Penterra is the fastest acting of the soil surfactants on the market with long term added benefits. Penterra helps reduce crusting, loosen hard clay soils and aggregate sandy soil. Penterra allows water and oxygen to better reach plant roots by reducing the surface tension between the water and soil. ORDER NOW!

Penterra fastest of the soil surfactants

HydraHawk www.HydraHawk.com  MOVE water

HydraHawk helps water penetrate compacted or arid soils and aids plant life in the uptake of water and nutrients. HydraHawk is a natural performance-enhancing wetting and protective agent derived from fruit and vegetable extracts. HydraHawk contains unique natural surfactants that help the plants utilize water and survive in extreme heat, drought and soil salinity even in the severe climate conditions. ORDER NOW!

HydraHawk one of Geoponics' soil surfactants for moving water

  • Increases aerobic soil conditioning
  • Fast acting penetrant and wetting agent
  • Increases soil drainage
  • Breaks surface tension and allows water penetration
  • Made from natural vegetable and fruit extracts
  • Aggregates soil
  • Extremely cost effective


Soil surfactants for water management
Soil surfactants for water management

Do you want to RETAIN WATER? Soil Surfactants for you:


Humawet www.Humawet.com  RETAIN water

Humawet assists with loss of water due to winds, run off and drought. It helps build organic matter in sandy soil and retains water in the plant’s root zone. Humawet is the best of the soil surfactants for soil with low organic matter, including new golf greens. Humawet is designed to decrease the surface tension between water, soil and plant while improving the growth and activity of micro-organisms necessary for a healthy soil environment. ORDER NOW!

Humawet professionals' choice of soil surfactants for retaining water

  • Conditions the soil
  • Reduces drying out from wind or drought
  • Improves drainage and prevents erosion
  • Retains water in root zone
  • Saves water and reduces plant stress
  • Decreases surface tension
  • Economical

Profasorb  www.Profasorb.com RETAIN water

Profasorb is designed for fertigation or drip line irrigation to decrease the tension between water, soil and plant while also improving the growth and activity of micro-organisms necessary for a healthy soil environment. It is easy to use and its beneficial secondary effects of localized dry spots (LDS) are noticed rapidly. Not only are you improving the soil, but you are adding a long term effect to the turf to make it healthier and increase its disease and insect tolerance. ORDER NOW!

Profasorb soil surfactants for retaining water

  • Designed for fertigation or drip line irrigation surfactant application
  • Helps loosen hard clay soils
  • Conditions soil
  • Aggregates soil
  • Opens soil pores and lets soil breathe
  • Reduces compaction
  • Improves rooting by loosening soil
  • Improves air and water penetration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical