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15 Apr

It IS easy being green!

Memphis Country Club in Memphis, Tennessee painted their dormant Bermuda greens with Endurant turf colorant. They shared a video of their use of Endurant Turf Colorant on Bermuda greens and Zoysia grass tees over the course of a couple of months, giving the club’s turf a gorgeous green over winter and a smooth transition this spring.
You can really see how easy this is,” said Memphis Country Club Golf Course Superintendent Rodney Yingle as he recorded the process in December, January and February.

The colorant is uniform and the edges are easy to paint.

See for yourself!

Endurant turf paint: Being green IS easy on these dormant Bermuda greens

 “It looks like a nice green, an overseeded green,” Yingle said.

The difference between using the colorant and overseed is that the Endurant saved the course money, reduced water demand and usage of other turf care products. That’s why the colorant is so strongly recommended by the USGA.

It’s not just about the looks either– it’s also better for the health of the soil and the turf.

The color retention was astounding during an extremely cold winter, said Yingle, who has chosen paint instead of overseed for about 20 years.
“This is why we like this paint. It blends out really well. It retains its darker color which is going to help us green up this spring,” he said of the Endurant.

The turf is healthier, keeping the soil temperature a little warmer.

“It’s friendly on our pumps more so than any paint we’ve tried,” Yingle said.
All the while, the course is choosing agronomy over aesthetics.

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