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11 Apr

Ireland and Scotland are home to some of the best, oldest and most famous golf courses in the world. Water management, flushing sodium from soil and other practices are key to their success.

Geoponics and ProGrass partner to offer the top golf clubs of Ireland & Scotland products to best manage all sorts of soil conditions, including silty, heavy soil, salty ground water and limestone. Penterra, the world’s fastest-acting soil surfactant, helps deal with surface water, minimizing disease susceptibility. Meanwhile, Detox flushes sodium from the soil.

Here is a look at some of the gorgeous clubs from a previous visit by Geoponics and ProGrass, a distributor servicing the golf courses and athletic fields of Ireland, Scotland and all of the U.K.

Old Head Golf Club, Ireland


Many Golf Courses in Ireland and Scotland flush sodium from soil with Detox and manage water with Penterra, the fastest-acting soil surfactant
Old Head Golf Course Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland


Visiting the world’s best golf courses: Muirfield, East Lotian, Scotland, UK


ProGrass began offering Geoponics products throughout the U.K., including in Ireland and Scotland with Detox and Penterra being among the top sellers for flushing sodium from soil and for fast-acting soil surfactant. www.Prograss.ie


Geoponcis and ProGrass partner to work with the best golf courses in the world–many are in Scotland and Ireland


Geoponics and ProGrass partner to bring greenskeepers the best solutions for golf course maintenance www.ProGrass.ie


Detox and Penterra are among the most helpful products for greenskeepers in Scotland, Ireland and throughout the U.K. in the spring and summer months
Detox and Penterra are among the most helpful products for greenskeepers in Scotland, Ireland and throughout the U.K. in the spring and summer months


Seaside golf is gorgeous.


Geoponics enjoyed visiting gorgeously green golf courses in Ireland, Scotland and throughout the U.K. in a partnership with ProGrass to provide greenskeepers with the best soil, turf and water management products in the world.




Extreme golf


What countryside!


Ireland and Scotland golf courses feature salt water lakes and often wet, salty soil found at many of these courses benefit greatly from Penterra and Detox
The view is worth the work of managing the soil that often benefits from Detox sodium flushing and Penterra’s fast-acting soil surfactant to get water moving through the soil profile.