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01 Aug
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The elimination of the significant costs associated with overseeding has made painting dormant warm season grasses a more viable option than ever before. The reduction of chemical use, a decrease in watering, and the promise of fewer transition related problems have combined to make this management strategy increasingly appealing for both financial and agronomic reasons. One example of benefit commonly reported is turfgrasses emerging from dormancy sooner and more effectively due to increased soil temperatures from the colorant holding heat. As a result, some users report having skipped the heavy, early-season fertilizer applications typically made to wake up the turf, which depending on products used brings additional savings of between $2,500 and $5,000 dollars.

EXAMPLE OVERSEEDING COSTS (35 acres of fairways)
Seed: 400 lbs /acre @ $0.90 /lb. = $12,600
Prep & Seeding: 45 hrs /labor @ $8.50 /hr. = $382.50
Fertilizer: 175 bags /app. @ $22 /bag x 3 apps. = $11,550
Fert. Labor: 3 men /6 hrs. @ $8.50 /hr. x 3 apps. = $459
Fert. Fuel: 15 gal. /app. @ $3.00 /gal. x 3 apps. = $135
Mow Labor: 2 men /6 hrs. @ $8.50 /hr. x 30 mows = $3,060
Mow Fuel: 16 gal. /mow @ $3.00 /gal. x 30 mows = $1,440
Total Cost: $29,626.50 or $846 /acre

EXAMPLE PAINTING COSTS (35 acres of fairways)
Endurant: 5 gal. /acre @ $42 /gal. x 2 apps. = $14,700
Spraying: 1 man /16 hrs. @ $12.50 /hr. x 2 apps. = $400
Total Cost: $15,100 or $431.50 /acre
SAVINGS: $14,526.50 or $414.50 /acre

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NOTES: One gallon of Endurant Turf Colorant mixed at a 15 to 1 ratio will cover approximately 5,000 square feet, though factors including turf condition, equipment calibration, and depth of color desired causes coverage rates to vary. The color lasts approximately 3 mos. under normal weather conditions. Should color not be as full and rich as desired, users may decide to reapply sooner or do spot touch up.