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07 Jul

Watch Agriox how releases Oxygen into Hydric Soils on Geoponics TV

Agriox is a product that releases oxygen into hydric soils to create a soil profile of sustained aerobic (with oxygen) conditions or a “living” soil. Many times because of over fertilization or overwatering, soils are driven to excess amounts of carbon dioxide which lead to anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions in soil profiles. This overload of Carbon Dioxide can lead to problems of disease, nutrient assimilation and plant production. Secondary to Agriox’s release of oxygen based on the need of its surroundings, it drives the hydric soils back towards a sustainable “living” ecology. This in turn, affords this soil, the microbes and enzymes the oxygen they need to procreate, breakdown organic matter and provide a healthy ecosystem for plant roots and other living organisms. Visit Agriox.com