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Endurant Leyland Cypress colorant is an eco-friendly, organic-based pigment made with binders specifically chosen for adhesion to trees. The technology ensures the color remains full, rich and natural looking consistent with a healthy pine tree. It’s realistic visual appeal is unmatched by any other brand on the market.

  • Beautify your Christmas tree to maintain a fresh cut holiday green
  • Natural green fir tree colorant
  • Lasting, non-toxic and easy to apply

Contents may settle. Shake before mixing.
Cover any areas you do not want painted, including hands, while avoiding fabrics or other surfaces you do not want green colorant applied.

If accidental overspray occurs, wash immediately with water and soap, or a cleaner, such as an ammonia-based window cleaner.

Mix colorant in a garden sprayer at a ratio of 15:1, water to colorant (8 oz of colorant per gallon of water.)
1 Gallon of Endurant Leyland Cypress covers approximately 12-13 trees at a 15:1 rate. Tree size used was 7ft. tall with average diameter of 6FT. This would equate to the three area being 42 sq. ft.

Apply evenly to leaf blades of the tree.

Apply evenly and allow colorant to dry (up to 24 hours depending on conditions).