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Humawet assists with loss of water due to winds, water runoff, and drought; it helps to build healthy soil profile and retains water in the plant's root zone.

  • Holds moisture in root zone and helps save water
  • Improves drainage and reduces compaction
  • Lets soil breath, opens up macropores, and reduces plant stress
  • Adds a long term effect to the turf to make it helthier

Soil Water Movement
For small areas Mix one to two teaspoons of Humawet per gallon of water. Apply solution liberally to areas to be treated. Follow application with hand watering or irrigation.

Apply 32 - 64 oz. of Humawet in a minimum of 50 - 80 gallons of water per acre per application every two to four weeks to decrease hydrophobic soils and increase water retention in the root zone of soil the profile. It is suggested that Humawet be applied using spray nozzles that afford larger droplet sizes to increase soil/solution contact as well as decrease spray drift. In low organic soils (sandy soils) it may be necessary to make several initial applications at 64 oz. per acre several days apart in order to obtain optimal water management.

It is preferred that Humawet be applied by itself. However, in the case it needs to be applied with another product, please contact Geoponics or your sales representative for consultation of mixture and application. Never spray Humawet with other products that have a high salt index or could be considered phytotoxic to plants. It is preferred that Humawet be applied in early morning (with dew present) and should be watered in immediately with 3 - 4 turns of irrigation head. Optimal application of Humawet would be the morning before a regular - heavy irrigation cycle.

Foliar Absorbtion
Humawet can be used to increase rates at which solutions can be absorbed into plant tissue (foliar fertilizers, systemic herbicides and the like). To obtain optimal absorption through the leaf tissue add 16 oz. of Humawet per acre along with other product in solution. Make sure to jar test Humawet with other products to be sprayed for compatibility.

Do NOT exceed the 16 oz. per acre rate for foliar absorption applications.

Root Drench
Mix 16 oz of Humawet per 100 gallons of water and drench soils to be treated. If applying under trees or shrubs, cover the complete area under the drip line of the tree/shrub with Humawet solution. If adding other products to solution make sure to jar test for compatibility.

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